Baby Yoga

Ava’s been attending baby yoga for a while now and she loves it! I started teaching her little bits at home; she really took to it and I thought she’d benefit going to a class with others her age. She goes to Escape Yoga and the class is fantastic, they’re all aged between two and four years old and you’d think it would be absolute mayhem but surprisingly it isn’t! Each lesson the teacher tells a new story throughout and with the story comes in all the yoga poses for the children and they’re all so good! It’s amazing how well behaved all of them are and they all lie down at the end and do their breathing exercises; cuteness overload!
Little miss is definitely better than I am now and a lot more flexible! I couldn’t recommend it enough, it took a while for her to feel comfortable enough to be able to leave her, but staying in there with her the first few times was lots of fun and made me extremely proud.


A very flat footed ‘Downward Dog’


The ‘Tree’


This little madame is such a showoff, she gets so proud of herself when she achieves something which is so lovely and she’s just adorable with it. After she went to the first few classes she was dedicated to showing the whole family all the poses she’d learnt in any place at any time!



LOve x

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