Another bun in the oven – baby #2

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll probably know Adam and I announced we are expecting bambino number two in March next year. We’re both so so excited but it was rather unexpected. We decided to try after our wedding in June, obviously not quite expecting it to happen in the first month!


In all honesty hubby has been ready for number 2 for a while now, not that I wasn’t but I just felt we had enough to contend with with Ava, moving house and planning the wedding all of last year (not to mention fitting into my wedding dress!) So I was the one putting the brakes on a little. We always knew we wanted more than one and not too far apart in age to Ava, so with the wedding done and dusted, now is the perfect time.

I’m almost 14 weeks and have all my energy back finally, which feels great! I had some serious sickness up to about week 10 which was definitely much worse this time around. I remember getting some nausea with Ava but this was on a whole other level, morning till night day after day. I had zero energy to do anything which is a little inconvenient when you have a demanding 2 year old running around! I feel amazing now though and am getting so excited, it’s going especially fast too (again, probably due to being a busy bee with the little munchkin) which I love, I remember with the first it’s all so exciting but extremely slow and you have no idea what to expect. But this time I’m just going with it and it feels so much more relaxed. I’m a little anxious about having two and the huge change its going to bring, but we’re both so excited for this next chapter of our lives together (challenges included) and it somehow makes it even more special to be able to share the excitement with Ava this time.

We told little miss straight away, and to be honest its a miracle she didn’t blurt it out to anyone considering she’s such a chatterbox. But she’s so cute with it. She already kisses and strokes my tummy and her preference for whether she’d like a little brother or sister changes almost daily. The thing that doesn’t change though is that she’d like him/her to be called ‘Thomas’, something I’m hoping she’ll change her mind about, because she is rather demanding about it. I see tantrums coming for sure!

We did an announcement shoot this week so thought I’d share some of the pictures with you all. I’m planning on doing weekly pregnancy updates too for those interested.

Zoe Against Wall

Zoe and Ava Against Wall

Zoe and Ava Walking 2

Zoe and Ava Close Crop

Zoe and Ava Crouched

Zoe and Ava Walking Away

LOve x

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