Bump Update – 15 Weeks


Weeks Pregnant: 15

Baby Size: An apple

Gender: surprise 🙂 I don’t understand finding out, was so lovely with Ava to not know then have the exciting surprise on the day. My feeling is another girl at the moment but Hubby’s is the opposit.

Weight gain so far:
6lbs (a little more than what I’d like) I’m definitely showing more than this time in my first pregancy.

Cravings: Anything pickled! I go through a fair few jars of gherkins and onions per week!

Lusting after: Steak & Sushi (I miss steak so much!) and cheeses.

Sleep: Ok, the vivid dreams and nightmares are definitely amped up this time around! That definitely breaks up my sleep, oh and waking up to go to the loo umpteen times per night!

Mood: Feeling Excited! So glad to be into the second trimester already. It really is flying this time!

Exercise: Trying to stick to 4-5 workouts per week (mixture of running and classes). I can’t stress enough that you need to talk to your midwife about exercise when you find out your pregnant. They recommend you don’t take up anything new during pregnancy. I got the all clear on continuing to run as I have done so consistently for months before becoming pregnant. I then spoke to all my fitness instructors to make sure I was ok to carry on with my various classes. I do obviously take it a lot easier than before I was pregnant (no time to be breaking any personal bests!) But think exercise in pregnancy has so many benefits for Mama and Bubs so trying to keep up with it for now, how I’ll fair with a big bump in front I have no idea :).

Birth Plan: Planning to have this little munchkin at home, we’re going to hire a home birthing pool, I had Ava in the water and couldn’t recommend it enough. I definitely wouldn’t want to try without! I’m low risk at the moment so fingers crossed everything stays that way so we can go ahead with our plans. I’ve always thought home births look amazing, can’t imagine how nice it must be to have baby then not have to sit in a hospital for 8 hours waiting to be allowed home. I had Ava in a birthing centre which was a really relaxing experience but I still had the long wait afterwards when hubby had to go home and I was limited to 3 visitors for about 20 minutes.

Highlight so far: The Dating Scan. It was amazing to see little mister or misses up there on the screen wriggling around! I’d have a scan everyday if I could! It is the most amazing feeling and was extra special to share it with Ava too.

LOve x

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