Toddler update

“And though she be but little, she is fierce”


This quote is little miss Ava to a T, she is such a dot but my word does she know her own mind. I’m often saying she is a little madam, she is. But she is a constant ball of cuteness overload, so it’s pretty hard to be mad at her for it. However, with the next one on the way and this pregnancy flying by we’re trying to make a conscious effort to curb some of her, shall we say, less admirable behaviour and trying to pave the way for some big changes once the new baby is here.

She has definitely gotten used to having Mummy’s constant and undivided attention over the last couple of years. I’m sure it’s going to be a challenge no matter what but I definitely want to avoid her feeling like she’s less important somehow when the new arrival comes. I can imagine it’s going to be difficult accepting it all at first but in general getting her excited about the baby and involving her in all our plans and changes we’re making seems to be really helping and for now she’s adorable about the little one, still kisses my belly, and now says it ‘absolutely must be a girl Mummy’ and currently wants to call her Penelope, which will no doubtably change next week.

The past couple of weeks I’ve just been trying to enjoy our ‘quiet’ days together just me and her and savour them as much as possible. It’s so hard to imagine another little being in the midst after so long just us, she’s been the centre of our universe for such a long time it feels strange to soon be adding another to the mix. I’m so excited for us as a family though, I cannot wait to be sharing all this with him/her.

Hubby often says he’s scared he won’t have enough ‘love’ to love another as much as Ava, but I know as soon as he/she arrives it will just be, and he’ll wonder how he ever thought that. Before Ava, we both had no idea we could possible love another this much, but they’re born and you just do.

IMG_4651These little Nike Air Max’s are a current fave!

This girl loves her scooter more than anything and is a mini speed queen on it, but recently we’ve been practising on her balance bike and (fingers crossed) she seems to be getting the hang of it pretty quick.



Snuggle buggle ❤


This girl rarely wears pink but she is obsessed with these Mini Melissa jelly cuties and Sunnies

LOve x

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