Pregnancy update – 18 weeks

Weeks Pregnant:

Baby Size: A pepper

Gender: Even though I still feel it’s a girl, everything/everyone is trying to convince me otherwise! We went to hear the heartbeat (my absolute highlight of the last few weeks) which sounded so much slower then I remember Ava’s being. I know the myth goes that boys heartbeats are slower than girls. I’ve also been craving super sour foods, where as with Ava it was anything sweet, another myth.
On the other hand though I don’t really believe any of these old wives tales, I’m just looking forward to the surprise when he/she arrives.

Weight gain so far:
8lbs, feel like ‘the bump’ has very much ‘popped out’ in the last week or so.

Maternity clothes: Not yet, but I’m having to use the hair bobble trick with nearly all of my jeans.

Movement: Not yet, I’ve felt what I thought have been a few tiny flutters but nothing substantial. I know it’s meant to come earlier in the second pregnancy so hoping I will start felling little kicks soon.

Cravings: Still getting through those gherkins, along with anything else sour. Grapefruit is also up there.

Lusting after: Steak & Sushi are still toping my cravings and red wine this week actually.

Sleep: Sleep has improved slightly, the dreams have definitely calmed down, but lower back ache is starting to amp up. Sleeping with a pillow under my back is my saviour at the moment.

Mood: Nearly halfway feels amazing! I know it’s all I keep saying but the time is going insanely fast!

Exercise: Still trying to stick to 4-5 workouts per week. Feeling great still at the moment, my energy levels are really high and I’m pretty much carrying on with my usual classes, gym workouts or running. I’m interested to see how things will change as I get bigger and what I will/won’t be able to do.

Birth Plan: Planning to have this little munchkin at home in a birthing pool, I had Ava in the water and couldn’t recommend it enough. I definitely wouldn’t want to try without! Still low risk so fingers crossed everything stays that way so we can go ahead with our plans.

Highlight: We heard the heartbeat last week for the first time which I loved, I remember with Ava it was such a special moment and it was just the same this time. Little miss didn’t like it much though, bless her. I think she was a little confused and she definitely didn’t like the midwife using the machine on my belly.

Will try to do another update soon 🙂 we have the 20 week scan in a couple of weeks which I’m super excited about.

LOve x

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7 thoughts on “Pregnancy update – 18 weeks

  1. Makes much more sense now 🙂 really cute little blog and bump! You must be crazy excited, I remember that with the first so much, not thats its less this time around but it’s different for sure 🙂

    Water birth for me was amazing first time round, it’ll be great for you I’m sure, changed everything and makes it so calm for when baby is born. Eeek! super excited for you, and not too long to go now either x


    1. aww Congratulations! 🙂 are you going to find out the sex at your next scan? We’re having a surprise so I will just have to wait and see but I do still feel it’s a girl despite what everyone says Xx


      1. Thank you so much! My appointment is less than 2 weeks away and we cant wait to find out. There’s no way I will be able to wait! Good luck with the pregnancy.. And the anticipation 🙂


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