Pregnancy update – 21 weeks <3

Weeks Pregnant:

Baby Size: A banana

Gender: We had our second and final scan today, hubby was desperately hoping we’d see something by accident even though I told the Sonographer we didn’t want to know. As it turned out, it’s lucky we didn’t want to find out; as with Ava bambino was lying on her tummy with feet and legs curled up underneath and was definitely not willing to budge.
(even though we don’t know I do refer to her as a girl.)

Weight gain so far:
10lbs so far. I’m predicting around a pound per week from here on out.
Maternity clothes: Still none, but I’m feeling the need for some maternity bottoms soon for sure! That elastic band is having to stretch considerably in order for me to button my jeans.
Stretch marks: None yet. I managed to pretty much avoid them when I was pregnant with Ava and my only advice is moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Twice a day, everyday! And drink plenty of water. Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised keeps it elasticated which helps prevent it tearing.
Movement: My goodness has there been movement! I started feeling her about two weeks ago and the kicks and flutters have become increasingly strong since then. It feels like she is doing summersaults in there! And she is completely nocturnal, as soon as I climb into bed off she goes, its such an amazing feeling and I forgot how wonderfully odd it feels. I can’t wait for hubby to start feeling them, they feel so strong to me it seems crazy they can’t be felt from the outside yet.

Cravings: Cravings seem to have died off a bit these last few weeks, I haven’t noticed anything particularly strong, apart from the crazy hunger I get in the middle of the night now. 12 o’clock bowls of muesli have become a bit of a habit.

Lusting after: Watched hubby devour a rare steak yesterday which was pretty much torture.

Sleep: Still a fight with the cushions every night to try to get comfy, as bump is getting bigger it’s pretty difficult finding an accommodating position to sleep in.

Mood: Feeling great! Past the halfway mark! Yey!! It’s gone so quick since I last posted an update. Things are crazy busy around here right now what with Christmas coming up. I’ve also been super busy at work, as well as getting ready for our trip to New York next week (SO excited for that!!) and getting prepared for the new arrival, it feels like there just isn’t enough time in the day.

Exercise: The downside of being so busy too is fitting workout sessions in, I’ve been keeping up with at least 3 but is definitely becoming more difficult just having the time to get out of the house on my own. Classes and gym sessions are still great though and not struggling with anything yet.

Birth Plan: Planning to have this little munchkin at home in a birthing pool, when we had our scan today as we left the nurse said this’ll be the last time we have to visit the hospital, which feels strange. But good I guess, the next time we see this little munchkin will be when he/she is here! I wish we could have more scans though, I love seeing baby moving around and all it’s tiny little features up there on the screen.

Highlight: The final scan was just incredible, Ava really enjoyed it this time. With baby being so much bigger she could see much more detail and loved the lady pointing out his/her little eyes, nose, belly etc. Obviously the best news was hearing she was doing great, everything normal and measuring fine all round. I can’t wait now to see her in person and start our journey as a four!


Will post another update soon 🙂

LOve x

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