Pregnancy Update – 24 weeks <3

I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks since my last post! :/ Where has the time gone!

Weeks Pregnant: 24

Baby Size: An ear of corn

Gender: This week we’ve been trying to come up with baby names and deciding on just one that we both mutually like is proving impossible! I’m finding girls names much easier this time around where as thinking of strong contenders for a boy is seemingly much more tough! I’m hoping we start agreeing on at least a couple soon or I have the feeling this baby might be nameless for the first week or so!

Weight gain so far:
14lbs. I ate so much amazing but also unhealthy food whilst on holiday in New York last week! (blog post to come soon) so feel like a bit of a beached whale at the moment, and with Christmas around the corner I’m a little worried the weight gain is going to shoot up over the next few weeks.
Maternity clothes: I’ve finally given in and ordered my first pair of maternity jeans so I can stop living in my leggings!
Stretch marks: Still managing to avoid them with what feels like my body weight in moisturiser per week 🙂
Movement: Lots of movement nowadays, it’s amazing how quickly you become accustomed to it too, it’s just a normal (but still incredible) part of my day now. They have become a little stronger and when she’s having a good wriggle around you can see my belly moving which Ava finds fascinating. Nothing hubby can feel yet though 😦 I swear he has no feeling in his hands (which, actually for a chef, is probably true).

Cravings: Not really feeling the cravings much at this stage, I’m guessing the hormones have probably died done a bit which is no doubt contributing.

Lusting after: We had our staff Christmas meal this week and I gave in and ordered a steak ;/.

Sleep: As bump is getting bigger it’s pretty difficult finding an accommodating position to sleep in, but I seem to be sleeping pretty heavily and the activity of little bambino has stopped waking me so I feel I am getting a solid sleep all the way through.

Mood: I’m so excited for Christmas! I feel like a kid again, I love having Ava to spoil. I have already bought her far too much, I seem to have forgotten I’ve been buying and stashing in the cupboard since September and then I hugely added to that in New York so when I finally wrapped the bulk of her presents a couple of days ago I was a little ashamed of how much she has! But I cannot wait to see her little face on Christmas morning. She’s so much more aware this year and has written her letter to Santa and all that jazz so is really looking forward to it! (She did however, ask for a kitten! Which we have tried to explain Santa may not be able to bring!)

Exercise: Since arriving home from the states I’ve been absolutely rubbish, I went for a workout session yesterday for the first time in over a week, I really need to push now to get myself back into the habit of it. I’ll keep you updated on how that goes 😉

Birth Plan: I need to get around to actually booking our birthing pool and all the other equipment, I know it’ll be that time before we know it so I really need to be a little more organised.

Highlight: New York was obviously my highlight of the last few weeks. We had such an amazing time! I Can’t wait to write a blog post about it, I just need to sort through all my photo’s.
Most of all it was great to just have a family holiday and for hubby and I to spend some quality time together with Ava before the little one arrives (and before the mayhem begins!)

LOve x

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