New York, New York

I finally found some time to sit down and write a blog post on our holiday to this incredible city! So here goes…


Where to even begin?! I’ll start with how much I love this place. I fell in love pretty much as soon as I stepped off the plane! It’s such an amazing city. I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting, perhaps something similar to that of London or Paris. But how wrong I was, it is unlike any city I have ever visited before. The size of the city and everything in it is extraordinary and the architecture is out of this world.

For such a big city it felt incredibly clean and safe. A dramatic contrast to that of other cities we’ve visited in the US.
We stayed in the West Village with my brother which is right next to the Hudson river. Their little apartment was super cute and had amazing views of New Jersey. I even managed to do a couple of 10k runs first thing in the morning (Ava was still waking around 5am up until we left due to the time difference) and the views were incredible. I ran right along the river and down all the piers (along with countless others running at that time of morning, many with pushchairs in tow, pretty inspirational!).
Whilst out running I fell in love with the place a little more. The number of beautiful parks all around the city is amazing! And there seems so much to do everywhere, I ran past tennis courts, basketball courts, netball pitches, dog parks, climbing walls and more! Not to mention all of the great kids play parks which Ava loved.

Also, the Food there is out of this world! I love good food, and I like to try and stay as healthy and fit as possible and it is so well equipped for not just nutritional food but for every type of dietary requirement out there, something which is seriously lacking back home. There is just so much choice. We went to Wholefoods the second day we were there (I’m totally obsessed with that store!) and I was in food heaven. We went back so many times and since being home I’ve been missing it like crazy! I so wish we had something even slightly similar here.

The best thing of the whole trip though was just having time together as a family. It was heaven having hubby to ourselves for a full week! And with things about to get a whole lot more crazy when the new baby arrives, it was nice to just relax and enjoy our last holiday as a 3!


My brothers apartment was in a great location and it was pretty easy finding our way around. We did do a substantial amount of walking whilst we were there, despite the subway being of relevant ease and the weather being freezing cold it was nice to see as much of the city as possible. Although it did mean carrying Ava ALOT, which wasn’t so much fun 🙂
We also shopped. A lot. How could we not! Although going out on Black Friday was a huge mistake, we had no idea what we were walking into and after half an hour of mayhem we quickly retreated to return another day.

The New York Library was a favourite for little miss, it was complete book heaven for her and we thought we’d never get out of there! It’s such a beautiful building too, we spent such a long time just walking around the whole place admiring the architecture.


Our trip up the empire state was one of my most memorable highlights. The view is absolutely out of this world and is probably second only to that of the view from the Grand Canyon (a polar opposite) in my top spectaculars I’ve seen in the world. Pictures just do not do it justice which is exactly the way I think now when looking at pictures of the canyon.
I’m glad we went at night, the whole city lit up looks magical. It’s obviously incredibly high, but until you get up there you can’t really contemplate just how high. And be as it may that we were completely closed in, it was a pretty terrifying experience.

Times Square at night is also a pretty spectacular sight and very bustling and lively.

Sleepy pumpkin. Ava was poorly for a day or two whilst we were there which meant carrying her everywhere all day long! (Never have I wished for her pushchair so badly!)

The view from the Brooklyn Bridge. I loved Brooklyn, it’s insanely hip and pretty much exactly what I was expecting. My brothers girlfriend took us to a little flea market where we got some adorable little handmade bits for the new baby! It was great seeing the whole of Manhattan from across the river too. The views were spot on yet again.

The statue cruise was a total tourist day, but we loved it all the same.

Lady liberty.

LOve x

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