Snow Queen.

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! We had such a lovely day; filled with absolute mayhem, tonnes upon tonnes of presents and the most scrumptious food!

AND WE GOT SNOW! Finally! Ava was so excited on boxing day when she woke up and it was completely white outside!

She had this adorable little outfit for Christmas so couldn’t help getting her dressed up to go out and play this afternoon.

We brought her these cute as pie mini Timberlands back from New York and I’ve been desperate to get them on her since. She adores them because they’re her ‘miniature Daddy boots!’

Her hair is getting pretty long these days and I’m having a real debate with myself whether to take her to get it cut or not. We had it into a little bob last time which was adorable and really suited her but I did regret it afterwards. I just love it long and cutting those blond bits off of the ends would probably break my heart a little 😉



She’s such a grown up little madam now, I still have no clue where the time has gone! I know people say they grow up so quickly but it really does feel like yesterday when she was a tiny little baby. I know before we know it we’ll be shipping her off to university or something saying exactly the same thing!






My absolute favourite xmas prezzi this year from my beaut of a husband was these gorgeous Steve Madden boots.

Dress: Zara
Leggings: H&M similar here
Boots: Timberland available here in Rust.
Vest: Zara, similar here

LOve x

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