Party Time! <3

It was little miss Ava Rose’s 3rd birthday last week and I just got the photo’s back from her party. They’re just adorable!

It was such an amazing day and I cannot believe our baby is another year older! It honestly feels like yesterday she was in our arms and we were both in utter bewilderment at this beautiful little being we had created.


She was spoilt rotten as usual and had the most perfect day with everyone.

Let me start with how crazy stressful this party was to organise! 😉 How people do this once a year I do not know! It was a total flashback to organising our wedding(s) last year (perhaps a slight exaggeration :)) but honestly, I spent weeks and weeks planning and organising. So many days making decorations, putting together party bags, making and sending out invitations, wrapping parcels and finally, on the day before her birthday and the party I baked, all day. I perhaps do not deserve any sympathy here because I probably did set my heights a little high. A first attempt at cake pops at 10pm the night before was most definitely a disaster waiting to happen to say the least and when my husband arrived home from work just before midnight, I was an emotional wreck. The house was turned upside down, wrapping paper was scattered over every part of available floor space and the kitchen looked like someone had taken a baseball bat to it (if the baseball bat had been made of flour!)
I finally fell asleep way past 2am absolutely exhausted after spending a good hour or two running over every minute detail of the next day, something I’d been doing for the past fortnight :). And all of this for two hours of toddler play time!


It was all completely worth it though, and everything went perfectly. Ava had a wonderful birthday and an amazing time which was obviously the priority! So many people came and it was lovely to see family and friends that we don’t get to see as often as we’d like. All of Ava’s nursery friends were there too and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves immensely, so goal accomplished 🙂

Below are a few photo’s (complete photo overload) from the party.

The most beautiful ballerina birthday cake ❤

The ballroom looked magical (before the mayhem began ;))


DSCF8268Miss munchkin’s arrival. We have the cutest video of her face when she walked in and saw the bouncy castle and all of the balloons.

Cake!! The cupcakes were definitely my proudest bake of the day before.

 DSCF8299 DSCF8310 DSCF8311 DSCF8317 DSCF8322 DSCF8328
Adore these Daddy/Daughter pictures.

DSCF8338  DSCF3514DSCF3537DSCF3522DSCF8375              DSCF3579 DSCF3574 DSCF3577DSCF8377DSCF8398
Her going home outfit you know my husband picked out 😀 Princess with added cap and boots!

LOve x

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