Fitness in Pregnancy

Over the last couple of years since having my first daughter health and fitness has become really important to me. I truly believe living a clean healthy lifestyle is key to being happy. It has changed my view completely on the image I have always had of myself, instead of seeing it as a weight loss solution it is now something completely different. It is an amazing form of therapy and a great stress reliever, it makes me feel calm and at peace with myself, clears my mind and seeing results over the long-term makes me proud of the dedication I have found for it.

I was younger I was so weight obsessive and have probably tried every fad diet/weight loss aid out there; all of these types of diet, although giving some initial success are so much worse in the long run. They are not good for your body in any way and usually lead to putting weight back on very quickly once completed in preparation for you putting your body through such an unnatural process again. They tend to make your immune system weak along with you body, you have little or no energy and the results are never long-lasting. When following a healthy lifestyle consistency is key. Nothing happens overnight and there are no quick fixes if you want long-term results. Dedication and motivation will lead you there in your own time and the results will be so worth it once they come.

Because working out is such a central part of my life now it has been really important to me to stay fit during this pregnancy. When I was pregnant the first time around, although I did do moderate exercise throughout, I definitely didn’t stay healthy; I ate my bodyweight in rubbish food everyday and put on over 3 stone. Needless to say I did not want that to happen this time.
I also worked so hard to get back to my pre pregnancy self after Ava was born I didn’t want to throw that all away. After Ava and prior to this pregnancy was the fittest I’ve ever been, I was running pretty much everyday and feeling great in myself. I wanted to carry on that throughout this pregnancy and more than that to be able to easily sink back into my routine once baby arrived.

There’s also the undeniable benefit that exercise is great for baby and as long as you’re not starting anything new, maintaining the same level of fitness throughout pregnancy is not harmful to you or the baby. In fact it’s super beneficial for baby’s development and most importantly if Mummy is fit and healthy there’s a much lower chance of complications. Not to mention how great exercise is for giving birth. Keeping your muscles active throughout helps prepare your body for the gruelling task of labour and in general helps you spring back to shape once baby is born. Yoga is also great in pregnancy. I swear by it in general anyway but it is especially good at keeping stress at bay when your body needs it most, keeping you flexible and giving you amazing relaxation techniques for use in labour.

Eating healthy is also a big thing for me, especially whilst growing a little human inside :). Baby’s development relies so much on what we put into our bodies and the vitamins and minerals we consume. Don’t get me wrong I’ve definitely had my bad days when I’ve binged on chocolate and ice cream, but in general I try to only put goodness in, seen as though Bambi is getting everything I am I try to keep the fatty or processed food to a minimum and fill up on plenty of fruit and vegetables, and healthy carbs and proteins.

Below are some random shots from my camera roll and Instagram of my typical diet.

Breakfast for me usually consists of one of following. Since becoming pregnant it is probably my most valued meal of the day as I’m so hungry when I wake which is totally new to me so I like to have something which is going to fill me up until lunch.
IMG_7425IMG_8212IMG_8976On weekdays bowls of fat free yogurt and tonnes of fruit are my go to, especially when I’m working and have limited time.
Weekends are for pancakes! (I started making these flour free ones a while ago and am totally addicted! They only have 3 ingredients! (1 whole mashed banana, 2 eggs or eggs whites and a teaspoon or so of flaxseed.) They are so delicious and taste just like you are gorging on the real deal. ❤

IMG_7863IMG_7733IMG_7950Eggs are also a weekend fave, usually with lots of added avocado or spinach.
Lunch is usually a salad of some kind 🙂

This is often what I eat if I go out for lunch and is one of the best salads I’ve ever eaten, packed full of fruit, veg and yummy seeds.

Dinner is definitely my favourite meal of the day and I try to make it as low carb but as filling as possible.
Fish or lean meat, sides of cous-cous, lentils, sweet potato or similar and a mountain of steamed vegetables <3. I always load up more on the veg to fill me up and go heavy on the kale and spinach as they’re super good for Mama and baby.

IMG_8875IMG_8071IMG_8566IMG_8534IMG_7629I absolutely LOVE sushi and it has been one of things I’ve missed most this pregnancy, but when cravings are at the max, go for some yummy avocado maki, not quite the real thing but still nearly as good! ❤
IMG_8197 IMG_8206

LOve x

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