Pregnancy update – 37 weeks <3

Third Trimester
“Your baby weighs around 6 1/3 pounds and measures a bit over 19 inches, head to heel.

Weeks Pregnant: 37

Baby Size: Swiss chard

Gender: My heart still says girl, but looking over my bump pictures from my pregnancy with Ava I look so so different, I think maybe now I wouldn’t be so surprised if it is a boy 🙂 either way I CANNOT wait to meet him/her.

Weight gain so far: Can we start skipping this one 😉 haha! I’m up around 27lbs now I think.

Maternity clothes: My maternity jeans are getting tight for sure…

Stretch marks: None 🙂 hoping I make it all the way.

Movement: She is pretty crazy at the moment, which is less than comfortable. She definitely isn’t even attempting to engage, legs and arms are everywhere and she’s still back to back (joy oh joy!) Ava was posterior too and didn’t turn until about 10 minutes before I gave birth so thinking this one is probably going the same way!

Cravings: Just to be able to eat normally again and not feel like my stomach is bursting from my ribs.

Sleep: Sleep isn’t so bad, I’m used to the waking up in the night and being a little (LOT) uncomfortable, but at least I am actually sleeping ❤

Mood: So so excited this week! I can’t quite believe she could now come at any minute but I am desperate to meet her and make our little family complete. Ava’s getting so excited and keeps asking if she is coming really really soon?! I think everything is finally ready too so feeling much more relaxed. I’m still busy busy trying to tie up work though so fingers crossed she doesn’t arrive too early.

Exercise: Hmm, not much here to be honest. Made it to the gym a couple of times last week but that’s it.

Birth Plan: The pool arrived last week!! Eeek!! SO exciting ❤ we just had the trial run blowing it up today and Ava is in it as I write this post. She’s refusing to get out and is having so much fun it’s making me wish we could have a permanent one at home. It’s like a huge paddling pool for her.
The midwife also came to conduct our home assessment which went really well and we did my birth plan together to send to all the community midwives on call. I think we’re stocked up on everything we need so I’m just super super excited now about having this baby and being in our own home. I’ve been reading so many amazing home birth stories again which has me even more excited ❤

IMG_9261Highlight: My sister in law threw me a baby shower on the weekend; such a beautiful day. It’s so rare all the girls get together so was so nice to just have a proper girly day child free :). I had the most gorgeous gifts from all the girls too, we played loads of fun games and everyone wrote their predictions for the birth. It definitely got me all giddy and even more excited if possible!
I also had my maternity shoot on this week and we actually had gorgeous weather for it, I’ve only seen a few preview shots and they’re stunning so I can’t wait to share those with you all! I didn’t do any of this with Ava and so regret it now (which is perhaps why I have gone a little overboard on bump pics throughout ;)).

Will hopefully check in with another update before he/she arrives! Eeeeeeeeek!! ❤

LOve x

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