Preparing for baby <3 the final weeks

I’m about to turn 39 weeks and my oh my am I ready for little baby’s arrival! Before Bambi arrives though I’ve been wanting to put a little baby preparation post together for you ladies. So here you go ❤

I THINK we’re about ready, finally! And it has made me realise just how much you have to organise for these tiny little beings. I’ve put together a sort of list anyhow with some tips and advice for you fellow mums-to-be on what I have done/bought in preparation for baby’s arrival.

Preparing for the birth

  • The pool has been delivered and is pretty much ready to go.
  • The midwife has been for her final assessment and all the paperwork has been sent to the midwives along with my birth plan.
  • The cupboards are stocked with plenty of labour friendly snacks and lots of teas and biscuits for the midwives (this has had to be replenished a fair few times ;)).
  • I’ve written a step by step list for my husband of how I’d like things to go incase It all happens too quickly for me to set everything up myself. I’m such a control freak and it scares me that it could be unlikely (highly so) to go how I’ve envisioned after spending so much time imagining every minute of it and planning every last detail.
  • In terms of equipment you need for a home birth, the midwife came to drop our birth pack off which has all the necessary medical supplies, but there’s a great list here for additional equipment to have. I’ve stocked up on candles (and lots of them), created my birth playlist and packed my hospital bag (just incase!).

Preparing for labour & post partum

  • I’ve been drinking a tonne of raspberry leaf tea and taking 2000/mg a day of evening primrose oil for the last 4 weeks.
  • I’ve booked in for my final wax, pedicure and brow appointment. An appropriate date to book these for was difficult though, I didn’t want to go to ahead of time incase of a late arrival or leave it too late incase I went into labour early and missed it completely! Anyway, I ended up booking for the week before baby’s due date.
  • I’ve also tried to think ahead to the first few weeks after baby is here when I’m in some zombie mindset and probably won’t want to go out much so I’ve stocked up on beauty products I’m running low on.
  • I’m also planning on belly wrapping right away after giving birth. I never did it with Ava but have seen amazing results and reviews so I’ve ordered the Bellefit Postpartum Corset and also this Waist Shaper for a little waist training 🙂
  • I’ve put together a post baby diet and exercise plan. Nothing too drastic for the first few weeks, it’s more of a healthy eating, breast-feeding friendly plan so I don’t get side tracked once baby is here. I know last time around with the constant baby feeding all day and serious lack of sleep and energy all I wanted to eat was fatty, sugary foods which was definitely not best for baby or me.
  • I’m pretty desperate to get back into shape as soon as possible too so I thought it would be a help to plan out a schedule for some postpartum friendly fitness routines to ease me back into it. I’ve purchased a few bits of home equipment so I can do mini workouts at home; a kettle bell, jump rope, resistance bands etc. I will try and update post baby on how things are going on the fitness front ;).

Preparing for baby

  • Obviously there’s been all the baby equipment! My goodness where to even start! We were lucky as we had so much saved from Ava and had to buy very little this time around, but still, there has been so much to organise and set up!
  • I sorted through all of Ava’s old things and got to grips with what we needed quite early on. I’ll be over the moon with a boy but there definitely is the bonus of if we have a girl we have nearly all of Ava’s clothes since birth still! I haven’t really bought many clothes because of this apart from some neutral basics. I figure I’ll want to shop a little more in depth once we know he/she is a he or a she :).
  • We still have Ava’s pram (I fought hubby pretty damn hard for this beauty, unfortunately to no avail!), car seat, isofix etc. Ava had a whole new bedroom for her birthday last month when we swapped her bed for a big girl bed so we could put her cot bed back together for the nursery.
  • I co-slept with Ava for the first year and definitely plan on doing the same with this one; I ordered the Babybay co-sleeping crib which came last week and I absolutely love it. I also managed to get my way on baby’s rocker and ordered the Nuna Leaf which I’ve been lusting after for a fair while. It endures up to 60kg!! And Ava loves it, she has barely moved out of it since it arrived.
  • We had pretty much all other bits from Ava, I’ve obviously bought a ‘few’ cute outfits, new blankets, towels, bedding etc.
  • Ava has chosen baby a new teddy each time we’ve been baby shopping, although they too were straight in bed with her each time we arrived home! She likes to ‘look after’ baby’s things until she arrives ;).
  • We’ve also been considering using cloth nappies this time so I’ve ordered a sample from Totsbots. I’ve read amazing reviews and the bamboo/minky fabric blend is meant to be super soft and much better for baby’s skin. They’re so easy too, one size fits all and no messing with safety pins, soaking etc. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.
  • In the recent weeks one of my main priorities has been trying to prepare Ava as much as possible for bambi’s arrival. I’ve been spending as much quality time just me and her as possible and really focusing on giving her heaps of positive attention. The bad behaviour has definitely amped up since realising there is soon going to be a new tiny human in the house and she is slowly realising she may not be the centre of attention anymore and is making the most of that for sure, which we are trying to ignore as much as possible. I really don’t want her to feel overly jealous though once baby arrives. I spend a lot of time talking about the baby with her and how things are going to be when he/she arrives but I always make sure I speak about it from her perspective; how fun it will be for her and how she’s going to help me with the baby and teach her things. She also talks to bump all the time and gives her kisses and cuddles so I know she is super excited, it’ll probably just take a little adjusting for the first few. We’ve also bought a gift from baby to Ava that we can give her after the birth. I know it’s going to be really overwhelming for her and such a huge change but as long as we’re aware we can hopefully keep her from feeling any kind of resentment.

My current favourite baby shops:
JoJo Maman Bebe
John Lewis
The little white company
Baby Gap
Mamas and Papas
Natural Baby Shower – My favourite online baby shop! It’s amazing! They stock the most gorgeous unique baby products along with larger brands like Aden & Anais. I have ordered some gorgeous bamboo blankets and clothes from them and they’re oh so beaut.
Instagram is also great for finding unique baby boutiques, these are a couple of my favourites:
Tiny Style
Moccs made with love
Love Nest Gifts
Freshly Picked
Hux Baby

LOve x

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