We just arrived home from Portugal a few days ago and I’m already wishing I was back there! Talk about holiday blues! We had a few days in Lisbon before making our way down to the beautiful Algarve for a week of sun, sand and relaxation!<3

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The holiday was just what we all needed, we had perfect weather and it was an absolute treat to have some time away as a family. Ava was in true heaven having Daddy all to herself again for a week and a half and it was a welcome break for me having the extra pair of hands around with the girls. Things have been CRAY-ZAY, on the double time since little Andee’s birth and especially since hubby has been back at work full time, so the break was heaven and all kinds of perfection getting to spend quality time together away from the chaotic madness we now call life!

The Algarve was stunning, it really was. The beaches there are OUT OF THIS WORLD amazing! And it was the perfect retreat; beaches that go on for miles; coastlines with the most incredible rock formations; incredulous caves and little alcoves with gorgeous white sands and clear blue waters. They don’t call them some of the most outstanding beaches in the world for nothing.
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But, the real treasure of this vacation was Lisbon. It’s the first time I have visited this incredible city and I head over heels fell love with the place.
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It’s original, understated charm shines through completely and utterly and it is a true gem. Without doubt my favourited visited city in the world so far. I love its unpretentious vibe and it has the most chilled essence just breathing continuously throughout. We spent the days exploring the wonders of the old city; the cobbled streets; the majestic castles and monuments, the graffitied old trams; the gorgeous storied buildings painted in stunning colours, old shutters at the windows and covered in cracked, worn, beautifully pattern tiles. Even the derelict buildings were a thing of beauty.
I love how it holds it’s perfect character and charm. It’s rare with the popularisation of a place such as this that some of that isn’t lost along the way to meet the technological, commercial and ascetic needs of first world ideals.
It reminded me so much of Marrakech in it’s colourful wander but without the hustle and bustle and the parts which make it equally difficult and rewarding to reside in.

For a city of considerable size, you are forgiven for forgetting this the instant you are in it’s heart. You could just as easily be wondering a small village and the people there reflect this; they’re friendly, calm, seemingly content and always eager to help. People say hello passing on the streets, are intrigued to hear where you are from and everywhere we went the locals were totally smitten with Andee and Ava. Something which is rare to see in modern cultures and cities.

I wish we could have had longer there I really do and surprisingly to me hubby fell in love even more than I did. We both agreed we could, and would someday, love to live there.
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The food whilst we were in Vilamoura in the Algarve was heaven. We woke early to go down to the fish and fruit and veg markets in the village and Adam cooked the most gorgeous food almost every evening we were there.


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