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Time between posts is starting to get a little embarrassing now, I just don’t understand where the time goes! Andee is 3 months already, nearly 4 and it feels like about 2 days have passed since she was born!

Anyhoooo, life has been great lately; testing, but good and very very busy! Life with two kids is quickly becoming the norm around here and it feels like we have almost accustomed completely now, with the odd minor hiccup ;). Andee has been progressing brilliantly; she’s getting so strong with her head and is almost almost rolling over. She loves her baby bouncer and her Bumbo and has finally started grasping things so it’s everything and anything in her mouth at the moment. Her weight is still soaring and she is a little monster with rolls everywhere, her 3-6 month clothes are a squeeze already!

IMG_4321  IMG_3836

I’m hoping it’s just a faze, but she is all kinds of grumpy lately and she sure knows how to cry! It’s mainly when she’s tired and I’m thinking it’s a mix of a growth spurt and just getting frustrated that she can’t do things; she’s so ready to just be able to move, I can see it’s bugging her and she has such a little fiery temper which she has no qualms in showing off when she’s not happy, you have never heard a baby cry so loud! I have no idea what the neighbours must think! I feel like we didn’t fully appreciate that Ava never cried as a baby and because of that it has been a complete shock to the system this time. Last night she cried continuously from around 7pm-10pm just because she was tired (and my word does this girl fight sleep). Needless to say by the time Hubby got home I was ready to board a plane to some far away location and never look back. Hah!

IMG_4256  IMG_4814

Apart from the crying from fatigue she really is a little gem, although everybody is a little sceptical to believe this once they’ve heard the set of lungs on her! 🙂 She is such a happy baby the rest of the time I swear ;). She loves to smile and her little giggles are to die for! We gave her her first banana a few days ago too which she was a little confused about but sat suckling on it for the best part of an hour. Sleeping is still going great (at night only) and she is sleeping through with the odd feed. She loves to lie in and it’s impossible to wake her before around 10am, probably because she is so exhausted from fighting sleep in the daytime!
You’re probably looking at this picture thinking everything I’m saying is a lie right! Butter wouldn’t melt…

IMG_4194  IMG_4749

Ava has been a doll recently, the crazy teenager style behaviour seems to be calming down a lot and she’s sleeping though the night again (for now). She just get’s better and better the older Andee gets and I love watching them together. I know once Andee gets to an age where she is moving around and can interact with Ava, they will be playing all day long.
Andee and I just flew to Spain for my company’s annual retreat so Hubby took Ava up to Scarborough camping and my word, she was in absolute heaven. It’s all she could talk about for weeks beforehand then every time I face timed whilst I was away she was just ecstatic and could barely tell me how much fun she was having, they were up at 7am every morning and were off out flying kites, building sandcastles, riding on ponies, visiting aquariums, you name it, they did it. I think it was all sorts of overwhelming and having Daddy to herself every day was perfection for her.
IMG_3883 IMG_4699
This beauty is growing up far too quickly! I know I’ll blink and she’ll suddenly be having boys over and stealing my clothes.

Spain was wonderful and I am so incredibly lucky to work for the most accommodating company. I was debating whether to attend or not for a long time beforehand, but with Andee being so great travelling to Portugal and Ava desperate to go camping with Daddy I thought what the heck. It was also the first time most of us were all meeting too with most employees working distributed, so I really didn’t want to miss out on all the fun. And it was so much fun, everyone had a great time and got along together awesomely. We had the most amazing accommodation set on a cliff edge which looked down to the gorgeous coastline below with an incredible view of Morocco in the distance. Andee was perfect on the way there (I was so so nervous about travelling by myself) and for the first 3 or 4 days was a little angel, I don’t think she cried once. But, on the last day she woke up with a fever and we ended up being in A&E with her for hours. She was absolutely fine (just a temperature) but because she was so little the Doctors wanted to be sure and they carried out so many awful tests on her. It was definitely one of the most traumatic things I’ve ever been through and I can’t imagine how Hubby was coping not being able to be there. But, at least it happened at the very end of the holiday and not the beginning and I have to say, as horrendous at it all was, I was amazed at how great the Doctors were and how quickly we were seen (although they did not speak a word of English and if I hadn’t of had two of the girls from work there helping I would have been completely lost).

IMG_4682 IMG_3764

That’s us up to date I think, back to busy busy life as we now know it. Adam has just gone freelance and is now hiring himself out for small private events, dinner parties and such and it’s been great since it happened as it’s all just gone crazy with the amount of interest he’s had and he’s already booked a ton of events for the next couple of months. It’s super nice for us girls too as it means he’s at home in the day a lot more and it’s been really exciting for him finally being able to work for himself.

I really will try to post again soon


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Andee Rae – 10 Week update


How is our teeny tiny little baby 10 weeks old already!? And let me tell you she is not so teeny tiny anymore either! They really aren’t little for long and the cutesy, cuddly newborn stage comes and goes far far too quick! Not that I’m not enjoying her grow; It’s been wonderful experiencing all of the precious first moments again and I can’t wait for all the firsts still to come. Seeing her smile for the first time was just beauts and since she’s started she smiles constantly; watching her eyes light up and that little grin spread across her beautiful face is truly heart melting. She is so fascinated with everything at the moment too and watches us all (especially Ava) so avidly. She’s also just started doing mini little giggles this past week and my word, that sound! Utter utter perfection!!
All in all she’s doing great. Her weight is soaring! (and I truly mean soaring!) She was 13lbs, 3oz at her last weigh in. Almost a stone! A STONE! she has rolls upon rolls upon rolls and her chunky little thighs are to die for. It makes me so proud when we take her in for her weight checks that she is doing so well. She is boob obsessed though, as was Ava and is most definitely getting all she needs (and then some!). She’s great at sleeping too and I’m getting at least 8 hours sleep at night so I definitely can’t complain. She’s sleeping 3-4 hour stretches between feeds now but seen as though we co-sleep and she is right by my side all night I’m barely disturbed when she does route for me in the night. I remember this time with Ava all too well before we decided to co-sleep with her. I was just in a constant state of sleep-deprived eughness and if I got 4 hours in total I remember thinking that was great. But co-sleeping is a true god-send, especially for someone who LOVES to sleep. And everything is better with sleep, EVERYTHING.

IMG_0846 IMG_0848

Ava has been a doll with her. Their bond just gets deeper and deeper everyday and watching them together makes my heart burst. Ava adores her, truly, and dotes on her every move. I always find her at Andee’s side in her rocker or when she’s on her mat and she’s forever whispering the most adorable things in her ear. She tells her she’s her best friend constantly, that she can’t wait till Andee can play with her. She shares all her toys with her, making sure to show Andee everything she does or any toys she’s playing with. If Andee is upset she is straight by her side shushing her and saying ‘it’s ok Andee, I’m here Andee, I’m here.’ She loves the responsibility of being an elder sister and watching over her. It is just too cute! It took her a few weeks to really start interacting properly but now she is, Ava is totally smitten. I’m so so excited to watch them grow together.

IMG_3028 IMG_3272
The girls in their adorable Born Savage tees ❤

IMG_2787The main difference this time around is just how busy we all are. It’s crazy having two. I think back to what I used to do all day long when Ava was a little babe and I honestly cannot remember doing anything. I think I just sat around pretty much doing nothing all day long apart from sitting, staring for hours at this amazing little human that had suddenly entered our lives. Where as this time there is zero time for sitting down 🙂 ZERO. But, Andee has slotted in perfectly and nothing seems to fazes her. She has such a calm temperament; when we were in Portugal last week I was so incredibly anxious about travelling with her so young and disturbing her routine, but she was not fazed one bit.

IMG_1257 IMG_3836
It’s funny seeing her personality coming through and she is so different to Ava already, even though they look so alike. Andee is, so far, super chilled, very content, loves watching everything, LOVES to sleep (no bad thing), hates people invading her space (this is the opposite of Ava; you could smother her with kisses and cuddles all day long) and she has a little fiery temper that comes out on occasion (if every evening means on occasion ;)) if she doesn’t get her own way (mainly if your not standing up rocking her!). My moby wrap is a godsend for this as she really does not like to be put down, and it means I can still get everything done that I need to. It’s also her favourite place to be all snuggled up close to Mama<3IMG_1306I haven’t had any time off work this time either and am lucky to work for the most amazing company in the WHOLE WORLD ❤ which allows me to work wherever, whenever so I can fit it in around Ava being at nursery and Hubby being off work. He is so great with them both and I have no worries at all leaving him to look after them. He is seriously going to have his hands full as they get older. I have no doubt Andee will be just as much of a Daddy’s girl as Ava and did you ever meet two girls who weren’t completely Daddy obsessed!

IMG_2029 IMG_3640
This girl has smiles and giggles all day long but as soon as I point the camera her way she immediately turns all serious.



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My ultimate baby gear list

Hello lovelies! Where is the time going! I have so many posts I want to write but there just aren’t enough hours in the day! Things are definitely CRAYzy around here right now! Happy crazy though 🙂 I do love being busy and busy is definitely what I am nowadays! ❤

I’m so glad I finally made the time to sit down and write Andee’s birth story, it was emotional reliving it all again and I had the most amazing response from all of you lovely ladies which had me even more emotional! I cannot tell you how much reading others’ birth experiences inspire and amazed me so I was filled with joy to have had such positive comments from my own.

I also keep meaning to write a review on placenta encapsulation and my experience with that, which I will definitely get round to in the next week or so along with a first postpartum update.

It’s been a few weeks now since little Andee’s birth so I thought I’d put a little list together of the baby products we really cant live without and those things that have made this transition that little bit easier.

The baby bay co-sleeping cot
I’m a total co-sleeping advocate, I think it’s much more calming for baby in adjusting to life outside of the womb. Babies aren’t supposed to sleep on their own in my opinion and I take great comfort in the fact that whenever Andee searches for me in the night I’m right there next to her. For breastfeeding mamas it is a godsend, I simply feed Andee in the cot lying in a half moon around her, we both get so much more sleep without having to get up multiple times each night and sleep makes the days much more manageable, no matter how challenging they may be ;). I honestly could not recommend this cot enough!

The Nuna Leaf Curv Rocker
I’m not a huge fan of battery operated chairs and this is a great alternative with its silent and gentle sway. It has been just amazing! Not only for Andee but Ava absolutely loves it too! It has a maximum weight of 65kg! The sway lasts a good few minutes but little ones kicks set it off swaying too. Andee isn’t the best at being put down anywhere but this at least keeps her quiet for a short while and I can always put her down in it when she’s sleeping. I love its look too and is a nice change from all the garish colours baby chairs usually come in.

Moby Wrap
Baby wearing = Super happy Mummy and Baby! I could not live without this wrap, especially having a 3 year old, this is perfect for having my hands free and breastfeeding in it is super easy once you get the hang of it. It looks crazy cozy and comforting for little one, she falls asleep almost instantly as soon as I put her in. I had this one for Ava too and I used it until she was around 2 years old. Its a little daunting the first time you try but is so easy once you’ve done it a few times.

Mamas & Papas Sola travel system
This is the pram we had for Ava and it hasn’t worn in the slightest, although I tried persistently to convince Hubby we needed a new one for Andee, I lost. But I do still love this pram and it is a great all rounder. It lasts through the stages, is super easy to dismantle and is nice and compact folded down.

Topshop nursing bras
It’s impossible to find nursing bras that are practical but still pretty, Topshop do these in a whole bunch of colours, they’re super comfortable and have a great discrete under layer which keeps you covered when feeding ❤

Aden & Anais swaddle blankets

I’m obsessed with aden + anais products, they have the most gorgeous patterns and designs and are unbelievably soft. The swaddle blankets are fab due to their extra large size and are just great multi-purpose items, I use them mainly as nursing covers because they’re oh so pretty but they also get plenty of use as blankets, swaddles, burp cloths, bibs etc.

Tiny Tots all-in-one nappies

inner_1_compact bm_1024x1024
You will not believe how crazy soft the bamboo/mink fabric inside of these nappies is! We weren’t great at using them at first because disposables are so easy but Andee got bad nappy rash and it has completely cleared up since switching. They’re all in one and one size fits all so, although pricy to begin with, they are much better value in the long run and there’s no pins or separate covers to worry about. They’ve washed extremely well so far and have lost none of the softness.

Natural Baby Shower
This is my absolute favourite shop for super soft, amazing quality baby products. The Bamboo blanket we have from there is the SOFTEST blanket I’ve ever felt! As are the little baby hats and suits. Everything’s organic and made from bamboo or marino wool which is oh so smooth on baby’s skin.

Weleda without a doubt is my favourite skincare brand for little babies. We used all of their products with Ava too and their all-natural plant based products have an amazing smell as well as being great for baby’s skin.


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Home Birth – My Story

Well they always say your birth will never go the way it’s planned and mine certainly lived up to that.

We decided we wanted a home birth very early on in this pregnancy. I had my first daughter in a birthing centre and everything went perfectly, not just with the birth but with my entire pregnancy, so it made sense to have a home birth this time around. We had such great support from all our family and friends and my husband; although a little nervous to begin with, was great and was entirely onboard with the decision.

From the moment I decided on a home birth I became a little bit obsessive. I started reading stories early on and continued throughout, I was somewhat addicted to reading others’ experiences and wondered how mine would differ. From word go I planned every tiny detail; I hired the birthing pool, bought tonnes upon tonnes of candles, created my perfect playlist and wrote hundreds of lists for my husband of how I wanted things to go.
During my third trimester I lay awake for hours each night imagining how it would be, how special, how exciting (more than anything I was excited, so so excited) and scary, overwhelming, wonderful, and it was all of those things, it was perfect. But it was nothing like how I imagined and the complete opposite of what I had planned.

I was almost 16 hours active labour with my first little one and throughout this pregnancy people kept saying your second will be much quicker and I thought great! 5 or 6 hours sounds reasonable and I would have been completely happy with that. I also believed I would get some kind of sign before going into labour. I did not. Little bambi was a week past her due date and Hubby and I were going out of our minds! He kept saying it could happen anytime and I was much more skeptical ‘but I’ve had nothing! No signs! No Braxton hicks, nothing!’ I was convinced she was in there for the long haul and was getting increasingly anxious I would have to be induced and wouldn’t get the home birth I so desperately wanted.

On the night of Monday 6th April, I headed to bed around 11pm (no signs, nothing). As I lay in bed doing my usual routine of social media before I went to sleep I felt a heavy Pop! in my lower abdomen. Now my waters never broke with my first until 10 minutes prior to delivery so I had no idea what was happening to me. I stood up and sure enough water gushed down. Even then, although now seemingly obvious I still wasn’t sure my waters had broke, I remember sitting at the top of the stairs telling my husband and us both giggling that I wasn’t sure if I’d wet myself or not! With no other signs I decided going back to bed was the best course of action and hubby went back to watching his film downstairs. Little did we know things were about to get CRAYzay very very quickly and in a little under an hour and a half (YES 1 Hour and a HALF) our perfect little baby girl would be here.

After returning to bed I decided I should call my Mum, more to get some advise on what to do more than anything. She advised me to call the midwife and said she was on her way over. Whilst on the phone it hit me. Like a BRICK WALL. Bam. There was the first contraction, a minute later, another one. 5 minutes earlier nothing and now I was on the floor trying to breath through the excruciating pain as my Mum urged me to put the phone down and call the midwife. I had another 3 on the phone to the midwife, who was ignorantly calm about the situation, she told me to get in the bath and try to relax a little and she was on her way. By this stage I knew a bath was out of the question. This was happening, right now and there was no stopping it, no slowing it down and I had no time whatsoever to prepare myself in any way. My husband by this stage was in a complete state of panic, he was trying to get the pool set up and the house ready but couldn’t recall where anything was! (I’d only gone over the plan with him a hundred times!) I just about made it down the stairs but could not speak apart from to tell my husband I felt like I needed to push already, which sent him completely overboard, the pool wasn’t nearly ready, my mum was still on her way and the midwife (who he had called as soon as I hit him with this bombshell) had told him to put me on my side, tell me to try to keep the pushing at bay for now and if this failed to call her back and she would talk him through delivering the baby! He was, as you can imagine freaking the hell out!

I remember overwhelming relief when I heard my Mother walk through the door. My first labour it was just my husband and I and it was everything I could have wished for, he was amazing! There when I needed him and quiet when I needed peace. With my labour being so long I felt like I was eased into the pain; the contractions started extremely mild and spacious and by the time they were coming thick and fast I’d managed to submerge myself into a hypnotic state. I withdrew from everything and I couldn’t tell you anything about the hours that passed in that delivery suite. I was compltely disconnected. This was the complete oposit, I went from 0 to 60 in a crazy short amount of time so there was no easing me in, no preparation for the pain to come, it was just there, suddenly and I had no choice but to deal. And I lost it early on, the pain was excruciating, so excruciating it was making me vomit, over and over and I couldn’t get a grip on it. The length of time between contractions was too short to try to calm myself and I went from trying to breath through to ‘I can’t do this, I simply cannot do it, it’s too much” the pain was too much. But my Mum got me through, she was there, talking me through it, telling me it was almost over and letting me rip her arm to absolute shreds. Once I started to push the relief came, yes it still hurt like hell but I had somewhere for the pain to go and I concentrated alll my efforts on that, on birthing the baby I was so desperate to meet, who I’d carried for so long.

My sister arrived shortly after my Mum and promptly told my husband to stop attempting to fill the pool; that was, evidently, not happening now. (At this stage I was on our living room floor using the settee for support with Mum talking me through pushing through my contractions.) Soon after that the midwife finally arrived and I just remember looking up and seeing the look of shock on her face, she put her bag down and within about 5 minutes had everything set up and was practically shouting commands at my sister to put some gloves on and to hand her the equipment she needed (needless to say the second midwife never arrived in time). She was great, a complete natural and she loved every minute. The midwife was great too of course and very matter of fact; she was in a slight state of panic at not having help and at how far along everything had progressed but she was straight into it and talked me through the last stage perfectly. She tried to find little bambinos heart beat and couldn’t, which she assured us was no cause for concern, baby was simply too far down to pick it up. From then I think it was a little over 10 minutes of pushing before she arrived and this time I was aware of everything, I knew exactly what everyone was saying and I could feel every tiny thing! I was so awake, which was so different from my previous birth. I now, at last, felt in control and with every strong contraction I pushed, with every last bit of strength I had in me and as I felt her move down a little further with each effort I knew it was only moments before we got to meet her. It was so close and I was so scared, so exhausted and so incredibly excited.

When she was finally out and on my chest in a flurry of madness it was there. Pure joy. Overwhelming happiness. For that one precious moment it is all worth it. Anything is worth it. Because they are there, finally in your arms and she was just perfect. It was all just perfect.

I heard my husband (who had tears pouring down, hell, everyone did!) exclaim it was another girl and I just looked at her and thought of course it is. Of course you are. the answer that we had been waiting for for 9 months was now so seemingly obvious to me. My girl, my beautiful beautiful baby girl. She lay on my chest and nursed for the first time, she was a natural just like her sister had been. It hit me then and I realised how much I had missed this, this incredible bond between the two of us. I already knew her so well and yet she was completely new to me.

The aftermath of the birth was wonderful, the second midwife finally arrived and my husband made tea for everyone whilst the rest of us just sat staring, in absolute awe at this perfect tiny little human that I had grown and that nurtured for the past 9 months of my life.
Around 2 my husband woke our 3 year old daughter and she came to meet her little sister that she had so desperately been hoping for. She was a little overwhelmed and could not stop staring at the little being in Mummy’s arms and ever since she has had nothing but love for little Andee Rae.
We were all tucked up in bed for 4 and it was impossible to believe just a few hours previously we had been sat watching television with no indication whatsoever our lives were about to change, so very quickly.

So I never got the birth I had dreamed of or the birth I planned. I didn’t get to have Andee in the water nor did I get any of the other things I had so painstakingly prepared. But instead I got the birth I was meant to have, the birth Andee wanted, and it was perfect. I wouldn’t change one thing even if I could. I want to remember that moment forever, and all of the moments to come, with my two beautiful babies by my side.


IMG_0677Andee Rae
8lbs 4oz
7th April 2015

SHE’S HERE!! Finally! And she is everything! A perfect little bundle of happiness ❤
Apologies for the super late post and thank you to everyone for all the love on Instagram and facebook these past weeks.

Little Andee kept us waiting and was a whole week late! Needless to say Hubby and I were going out of our minds! The delivery was super quick (like an hour and a half quick!!) and everything went perfectly. I am planning to share my birth story soon but need to find the time to sit and write it. Time is just flying already, I’ve no idea where the past 2 weeks have gone. It feels like she only just got here and I know she’ll be running around before we know it.

IMG_9940 IMG_0098
Ava has been just angelic with her. It melts my heart to see how she dotes on her, she’s constantly giving her kisses and cuddles and she watches her in absolute amazement. It’s wonderful seeing her taking it all in; being a big sister suits her no end and I cannot wait to watch them grow up together. And of course she got the girl she so desperately wanted so we avoided the tantrums on that one 😉
Behaviour wise for us though things have got cray-zay around here! She’s definitely adjusting and my goodness the tantrums have come in thick and fast since Andee’s arrival. We did expect it and fingers crossed it will be short lived. I’m just trying to be as calm and reasonable with her as I can right now. Which, since the Hubby went back to work this week, has been challenging at times for sure 😉

IMG_9931This little cherub had been amazing so far! We’re all still in a bit of a newborn bubble right now, but slowly things are returning to normal. Visits from friends and family have died down a little and with the husband back at work, we’re slowly adjusting to daily life just the three of us. Some days are tough for sure and the best diet advise I’ve ever heard is to have two children! You literally do not have time to eat! There is just not enough time in the day right now to get everything done. But I definitely can’t complain, I get at least 8 hours of sleep a night (co-sleeping advocate over here) and she is such a content little thing. She’s still in the sleep all day and all night faze which makes getting work and things done pretty easy at least and feeding is going great, at her last weigh in she was up to 9lbs! So super proud of her.

This man! ❤ We are unbelievably lucky to have him, he’s been just amazing as usual.

CoCo is pretty smitten too, she, like Ava, also likes to just sit and stare and has been on such good behaviour since Andee’s arrival. She does want to smell and lick her constantly though so she has been spending a lot more time in the kitchen than usual.


I’ll hopefully get a birth story up in the next week or two.
LOve x

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