6 Week Postpartum Update

So it’s been 6 weeks since little Andee’s birth! (How is that even possible!??!) So I thought it time to check in with a first postpartum wellness update. Andee is doing great and I will post a full baby update in the next week or so.

Overall I feel great, she is such a good little beauty at the moment and is sleeping like an angel, thank goodness for co-sleeping, everything is better with sleep. Everything! I’ve also been taking my placenta pills which you can read about in my previous post and have given me so much energy and are making me feel great both physically and mentally.

Photo taken last week at 5 weeks postpartum

WEIGH IN: I’m currently 10 lbs or so away from my pre pregnancy weight and I’m pretty happy with my progress so far (I have been breastfeeding non stop and that, no doubt has a lot to do with it). Whilst I’m not over stressing about losing everything all at once (I’m pretty sure a lot of the extra weight will be sticking around until I finish breastfeeding anyway) I am desperate to get back in shape and tone up! I’d got to a state pre-pregnancy which I was really happy with; I was running almost every day and it is probably the happiest I’ve been with myself so I’m really focused on getting back to that. I can just about get into my old jeans at least and now summer is well on its way I have a little extra motivation to give me that push.

WORKING OUT: I started slow at around 2 weeks postpartum. This may sound a little early but everything went really smooth with Andee’s birth and I was incredibly desperate to get back to it after maintaining a pretty consistent level of fitness throughout my whole pregnancy. I got signed off to do so by my midwife and eased myself in gently with some planned home workouts and jogging when I had time. Running was a little difficult to begin with and I had a bit of a shock when I went for my first run and only made it to 4km. But slowly I’m building it back up and I ran my first 10k last week so I feel like I’m making good progress there. I’ve also signed up for the London Marathon for 2016 (NO idea what I was thinking!) so am keen to get training for that. I started back at the gym and my fitness classes this week too and the nicest change is being able to really push myself again. During pregnancy all my workouts obviously had to be much less strenuous and I couldn’t push my body to its absolute limits like before, something I sort of need and is essential to me when working out. It’s taking a little while to get my fitness levels back up and I know it’s going to take a while but I’m enjoying the journey back for sure.

DIET: I’ve been pretty disciplined when it comes to eating and the diet and exercise plans I wrote up whilst pregnant have really helped me stay on track. It’s really important to me to be as healthy as possible whilst breastfeeding and although i’ve probably been indulging a little more than I should 😉 I’ve been quite consistent with making sure I am eating the right things and getting plenty of nutrients into my body and my little human’s too. Breastfeeding really does make you ravenous and with all the extra calories being burnt I’m not so concerned with my diet but more so with my fitness levels and toning this body back up. We’re on holiday next week also, so I’m sure there is going to be plenty of indulging there too 😉

I put on a lot more weight when pregnant with Ava and it took about 4 months to really get back into the swing of working out more consistently and it wasn’t until over a year after she was born that I really felt like I was back to my ‘old self.’ Juggling two littles now as well as work, I know I need to push extra hard to get back to a place where I’m happy and confident with my body again.


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Placenta Encapsulation

I first heard about placenta encapsulation when watching an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (massive guilty pleasure). I then read about it in Vogue when January Jones admitted to having her placenta encapsulated and how incredible her experience had been. So I decided to take a closer look at this increasingly popular trend.

We know animals in the wild all eat their placentas immediately after birth and for me this was one of the mains reasons that just made sense to me. After all that placenta has kept your baby alive for the past nine months, providing all the nutrients needed to grow from a tiny egg to a full size miracle so it makes sense that placenta is rich in vitamins and minerals and all kinds of goodness. The use of the placenta goes back thousands of years in old chinese medicine and it’s main purpose in consuming it after birth is to replenish the mothers body of all the nutrients lost in childbirth. Supposed benefits are thought to include levelling hormones and fighting off the ‘baby blues’ in the first few weeks; helping with milk supply; replenishing depleted iron levels, boosting energy levels; decreasing the chance of postpartum depression and helping the uterus return to its pre-baby state.

So after much deliberation throughout my pregnancy and a lot of hesitation from loved ones I decided to go ahead with it, after all what’s the worst that could happen? It would either do a tonne of good, replenish my body of hundreds of nutrients or do nothing at all, either way I wasn’t going to lose anything so I thought what the heck, I might as well give it a go and I sure liked the sound of all the potential benefits.

I realise this is most definitely not for everyone and trust me, even my own Husband was hugely grossed-out by the whole idea. I decided to encapsulate myself (again my Husband had to leave the house for this) but there are many proffessionals out there who will do this for you for a fee. I actually found the process fascinating and was more than happy to do it myself. I simply followed a tutorial online, ordered the necessary equipment and viola! This was the end product.


I’ve been taking the pills now for 6 weeks and this is what I have found…
(I must add in addition to the pills when comparing this time to the 6 weeks after Ava was born, sleep is a big factor. I was incredibly run down and exhausted in the weeks after Ava’s birth but this time I’ve been getting much more sleep which is no doubtably having a big impact on my general state of wellness.)

Over all I’ve felt amazing since the day I gave birth to Andee. I’ve had copious amounts of energy, my body recovered very quickly and breastfeeding has gone perfectly smooth up to now. There has most definitely been no ‘baby blues’ in site and the main difference is the anxiety this time has completely gone (although I’m sure this is partly down to it being my second baby). All in all I feel great, my body is doing great, my hair and skin is wonderful for the first time in a long time and there has been no crazy hormonal mood swings as with Ava. I really do feel just great and am definitely inclined to think this is partly, if not mainly down to the taking the capsules. I would seriously recommend trying placenta encapsulation to anyone considering it. It makes perfect sense to me and after taking them for a while I have definitely seen some amazing results.


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Home Birth – My Story

Well they always say your birth will never go the way it’s planned and mine certainly lived up to that.

We decided we wanted a home birth very early on in this pregnancy. I had my first daughter in a birthing centre and everything went perfectly, not just with the birth but with my entire pregnancy, so it made sense to have a home birth this time around. We had such great support from all our family and friends and my husband; although a little nervous to begin with, was great and was entirely onboard with the decision.

From the moment I decided on a home birth I became a little bit obsessive. I started reading stories early on and continued throughout, I was somewhat addicted to reading others’ experiences and wondered how mine would differ. From word go I planned every tiny detail; I hired the birthing pool, bought tonnes upon tonnes of candles, created my perfect playlist and wrote hundreds of lists for my husband of how I wanted things to go.
During my third trimester I lay awake for hours each night imagining how it would be, how special, how exciting (more than anything I was excited, so so excited) and scary, overwhelming, wonderful, and it was all of those things, it was perfect. But it was nothing like how I imagined and the complete opposite of what I had planned.

I was almost 16 hours active labour with my first little one and throughout this pregnancy people kept saying your second will be much quicker and I thought great! 5 or 6 hours sounds reasonable and I would have been completely happy with that. I also believed I would get some kind of sign before going into labour. I did not. Little bambi was a week past her due date and Hubby and I were going out of our minds! He kept saying it could happen anytime and I was much more skeptical ‘but I’ve had nothing! No signs! No Braxton hicks, nothing!’ I was convinced she was in there for the long haul and was getting increasingly anxious I would have to be induced and wouldn’t get the home birth I so desperately wanted.

On the night of Monday 6th April, I headed to bed around 11pm (no signs, nothing). As I lay in bed doing my usual routine of social media before I went to sleep I felt a heavy Pop! in my lower abdomen. Now my waters never broke with my first until 10 minutes prior to delivery so I had no idea what was happening to me. I stood up and sure enough water gushed down. Even then, although now seemingly obvious I still wasn’t sure my waters had broke, I remember sitting at the top of the stairs telling my husband and us both giggling that I wasn’t sure if I’d wet myself or not! With no other signs I decided going back to bed was the best course of action and hubby went back to watching his film downstairs. Little did we know things were about to get CRAYzay very very quickly and in a little under an hour and a half (YES 1 Hour and a HALF) our perfect little baby girl would be here.

After returning to bed I decided I should call my Mum, more to get some advise on what to do more than anything. She advised me to call the midwife and said she was on her way over. Whilst on the phone it hit me. Like a BRICK WALL. Bam. There was the first contraction, a minute later, another one. 5 minutes earlier nothing and now I was on the floor trying to breath through the excruciating pain as my Mum urged me to put the phone down and call the midwife. I had another 3 on the phone to the midwife, who was ignorantly calm about the situation, she told me to get in the bath and try to relax a little and she was on her way. By this stage I knew a bath was out of the question. This was happening, right now and there was no stopping it, no slowing it down and I had no time whatsoever to prepare myself in any way. My husband by this stage was in a complete state of panic, he was trying to get the pool set up and the house ready but couldn’t recall where anything was! (I’d only gone over the plan with him a hundred times!) I just about made it down the stairs but could not speak apart from to tell my husband I felt like I needed to push already, which sent him completely overboard, the pool wasn’t nearly ready, my mum was still on her way and the midwife (who he had called as soon as I hit him with this bombshell) had told him to put me on my side, tell me to try to keep the pushing at bay for now and if this failed to call her back and she would talk him through delivering the baby! He was, as you can imagine freaking the hell out!

I remember overwhelming relief when I heard my Mother walk through the door. My first labour it was just my husband and I and it was everything I could have wished for, he was amazing! There when I needed him and quiet when I needed peace. With my labour being so long I felt like I was eased into the pain; the contractions started extremely mild and spacious and by the time they were coming thick and fast I’d managed to submerge myself into a hypnotic state. I withdrew from everything and I couldn’t tell you anything about the hours that passed in that delivery suite. I was compltely disconnected. This was the complete oposit, I went from 0 to 60 in a crazy short amount of time so there was no easing me in, no preparation for the pain to come, it was just there, suddenly and I had no choice but to deal. And I lost it early on, the pain was excruciating, so excruciating it was making me vomit, over and over and I couldn’t get a grip on it. The length of time between contractions was too short to try to calm myself and I went from trying to breath through to ‘I can’t do this, I simply cannot do it, it’s too much” the pain was too much. But my Mum got me through, she was there, talking me through it, telling me it was almost over and letting me rip her arm to absolute shreds. Once I started to push the relief came, yes it still hurt like hell but I had somewhere for the pain to go and I concentrated alll my efforts on that, on birthing the baby I was so desperate to meet, who I’d carried for so long.

My sister arrived shortly after my Mum and promptly told my husband to stop attempting to fill the pool; that was, evidently, not happening now. (At this stage I was on our living room floor using the settee for support with Mum talking me through pushing through my contractions.) Soon after that the midwife finally arrived and I just remember looking up and seeing the look of shock on her face, she put her bag down and within about 5 minutes had everything set up and was practically shouting commands at my sister to put some gloves on and to hand her the equipment she needed (needless to say the second midwife never arrived in time). She was great, a complete natural and she loved every minute. The midwife was great too of course and very matter of fact; she was in a slight state of panic at not having help and at how far along everything had progressed but she was straight into it and talked me through the last stage perfectly. She tried to find little bambinos heart beat and couldn’t, which she assured us was no cause for concern, baby was simply too far down to pick it up. From then I think it was a little over 10 minutes of pushing before she arrived and this time I was aware of everything, I knew exactly what everyone was saying and I could feel every tiny thing! I was so awake, which was so different from my previous birth. I now, at last, felt in control and with every strong contraction I pushed, with every last bit of strength I had in me and as I felt her move down a little further with each effort I knew it was only moments before we got to meet her. It was so close and I was so scared, so exhausted and so incredibly excited.

When she was finally out and on my chest in a flurry of madness it was there. Pure joy. Overwhelming happiness. For that one precious moment it is all worth it. Anything is worth it. Because they are there, finally in your arms and she was just perfect. It was all just perfect.

I heard my husband (who had tears pouring down, hell, everyone did!) exclaim it was another girl and I just looked at her and thought of course it is. Of course you are. the answer that we had been waiting for for 9 months was now so seemingly obvious to me. My girl, my beautiful beautiful baby girl. She lay on my chest and nursed for the first time, she was a natural just like her sister had been. It hit me then and I realised how much I had missed this, this incredible bond between the two of us. I already knew her so well and yet she was completely new to me.

The aftermath of the birth was wonderful, the second midwife finally arrived and my husband made tea for everyone whilst the rest of us just sat staring, in absolute awe at this perfect tiny little human that I had grown and that nurtured for the past 9 months of my life.
Around 2 my husband woke our 3 year old daughter and she came to meet her little sister that she had so desperately been hoping for. She was a little overwhelmed and could not stop staring at the little being in Mummy’s arms and ever since she has had nothing but love for little Andee Rae.
We were all tucked up in bed for 4 and it was impossible to believe just a few hours previously we had been sat watching television with no indication whatsoever our lives were about to change, so very quickly.

So I never got the birth I had dreamed of or the birth I planned. I didn’t get to have Andee in the water nor did I get any of the other things I had so painstakingly prepared. But instead I got the birth I was meant to have, the birth Andee wanted, and it was perfect. I wouldn’t change one thing even if I could. I want to remember that moment forever, and all of the moments to come, with my two beautiful babies by my side.

My Pregnancy – 40 weeks

Full term! Eeek! ❤
Hopefully my next post will be a birth story!
As this is my last bumpdate I thought I’d do an overall summery of my pregnancy, symptoms and such. I’m so ready to meet this little bambino but I’m also going to miss being pregnant a tonne! I’ve been really lucky in both pregnancies and they’ve both gone perfectly. I love being pregnant and my body seems to too. We’re pretty sure this is going to be our last and I know I’m going to miss having a little furness inside so so much! Anyways here goes…

Weeks Pregnant: 40!

Baby Size: A pumpkin!

Gender: So you guys probably know by now we chose not to find out and I am so ready to just know ;). The whole way I’ve thought she’s a girl but have changed my mind slightly the past few weeks, probably because every other person thinks it’s a boy.

Total weight gain: Euughh! So I think 30lbs total, so just over 2 stone 😦 It’s nowhere near what I put on with Ava but still I am really feeling it now and I’m desperate to get back in the gym and start shedding the excess.

Maternity clothes: I didn’t start with maternity wear until around week 24, and since then I’ve just bought the basics. I’m really not a fan of maternity clothes so I’ve pretty much been wearing a mixture of my own stretchy/comfy stuff and my husbands :).

Stretch marks: Yey! I made it all the way without a single one this time, due to my rigorous body brushing and constant moisturising I’m sure.

Belly button: It’s an outtie!! Totally out too, which never happened with my first pregnancy.

Movement: Boy or Girl, this baby is a little gymnast! Or a serial party goer! She is constantly having a crazy disco in there! Pretty much since I first felt her she has been crazy active all day (and night) long. I have no idea how she gets feet in my ribs and hips at the same time. She has been back to back though the entire pregnancy and they say this makes you feel everything out front, and my oh my do I, even at 40 weeks she is still attempting to do advanced aerobics on a hourly basis.

Cravings: Up to about midway it was everything and anything pickled, they died off though pretty quickly and since then the only difference has been getting insanely hungry at nighttime.

Missed anything: Eating sushi, steak and enjoying a glass of wine with my husband. Oh and my pre preg body and wardrobe 😉

Sleep: Sleep has been a battle this time, I suffered with pretty graphic dreams throughout the first and second trimester, then with the third came the inability to lie in any position comfortably to accommodate the ever growing bump. I do LOVE my sleep so this has probably been the most stressful symptom overall, but it really hasn’t been so bad.

Mood: I think my mood the entire way through has been pretty damn good if I say so myself ;). I remember with my first pregnancy my hormones were everywhere, my husband would come home to me weeping for a reason completely unbeknown to myself (probably on a weekly basis), I had none of that this time. I have felt much more levelled, maybe because I’ve been so busy too with a little toddler running around, and I guess it’s a different experience with your second.

Exercise: Pretty consistent up to about 4 weeks ago, I kept up with pretty much everything I was doing pre pregnancy, running up until around week 30 and attending gym and fitness classes. I feel like I’ve stayed a million times fitter than with my previous pregnancy and I like to think it was all in preparation for the most strenuous, lengthy workout I’m about to enter in to ;).

Birth Plan: I knew I wanted to have this baby at home before we even got pregnant this time. I had a pretty smooth birth with Ava which definitely gave me the confidence to have the next at home, along with great support from my husband and family. It’s been such an exciting process getting everything ready and I’ve been so excited about it all the way through my pregnancy. I really wish home births were much more popular and people didn’t face the subject with as much hostility as they do. Throughout my pregnancy the thing that has been consistent is people’s general shock when I tell them I am having this baby at home, which is so sad because it’s such an amazing thing and all the horror stories that go with it are so outdated or completely mythical. I read a great article a few weeks ago that Doctors are now recommending it for low risk pregnancies because it is considered as a safer option to a hospital birth, which makes total sense. Environment is one of the most important factors in birth. At home Mother and baby are so much more relaxed, there are no risks of contaminating illnesses as in hospital and the environment is much more suitable.
Things rarely happen quickly in childbirth and if a problem were to occur at home your midwife is more than qualified to give you the correct care. If something more serious was needed it is extremely unlikely that there wouldn’t be enough time to get you to hospital to receive the necessary care there. Every birth is beautiful no matter what your choice and obviously a home birth is not for everyone and I completely respect each individuals decision, especially if you are not low-risk. I just wish it was promoted more by professionals and women were given better advice and knowledge before making their decision.
Preparing for the birth at home has been such an exciting experience, from ordering the pool, to buying a tonne of candles (who needed an excuse :)), to creating my perfect playlist and planning every last detail. Being in control of all aspects of how my birth is planned has been an empowering experience and I truly can’t wait. I’ve also read so many amazing birth stories throughout my pregnancy which have inspired me no end so I have to thank all you other inspirational mummies out there for those.

Best Moment(s): This is a super difficult one, there have been so many!! My husband was at work when I found out so surprising him is definitely up there. Every time we’ve heard the baby’s heartbeat is also a highlight for me, I can’t get enough of that! The movement too, its such an amazing feeling and nothing else compares to the little human you’ve created wriggling around inside. The whole thing has been total happiness and excitement ❤

Worst Moment: I’d say week 6-11, I had the worst naseua and my energy levels just dropped to nothing. It was the only part I really didn’t enjoy and I found it so difficult to keep up with day to day life with work and Ava. It was all smooth sailing from there though and things have been perfect since.

Looking forward to: Holding this gorgeous little baby, introducing her/him to Ava and witnessing the love they’ll share.

So here we are, finally at the last hurdle. I feel sad it’s about to end, to say goodbye to this chapter of my life. I know I’m going to miss her in my tummy so much. I finally have to share her with the world after she’s been mine for such a long time :). Pregnancy is incredible and I don’t think anything could ever compare to the feeling of growing a little human and to have their little heart beating inside of you. Nothing will make me more proud than bringing her into this world, for helping her grow and giving her life. Even now she is kicking away as I type and I feel a overwhelming sadness that these precious moments are about to end. But at the same time I’m about to receive the greatest gift of all and I couldn’t be more excited; excited to meet her and start a new journey, to know her and to create a million more special moments together as a family.

LOve & Hugs ❤

Preparing for baby <3 the final weeks

I’m about to turn 39 weeks and my oh my am I ready for little baby’s arrival! Before Bambi arrives though I’ve been wanting to put a little baby preparation post together for you ladies. So here you go ❤

I THINK we’re about ready, finally! And it has made me realise just how much you have to organise for these tiny little beings. I’ve put together a sort of list anyhow with some tips and advice for you fellow mums-to-be on what I have done/bought in preparation for baby’s arrival.

Preparing for the birth

  • The pool has been delivered and is pretty much ready to go.
  • The midwife has been for her final assessment and all the paperwork has been sent to the midwives along with my birth plan.
  • The cupboards are stocked with plenty of labour friendly snacks and lots of teas and biscuits for the midwives (this has had to be replenished a fair few times ;)).
  • I’ve written a step by step list for my husband of how I’d like things to go incase It all happens too quickly for me to set everything up myself. I’m such a control freak and it scares me that it could be unlikely (highly so) to go how I’ve envisioned after spending so much time imagining every minute of it and planning every last detail.
  • In terms of equipment you need for a home birth, the midwife came to drop our birth pack off which has all the necessary medical supplies, but there’s a great list here for additional equipment to have. I’ve stocked up on candles (and lots of them), created my birth playlist and packed my hospital bag (just incase!).

Preparing for labour & post partum

  • I’ve been drinking a tonne of raspberry leaf tea and taking 2000/mg a day of evening primrose oil for the last 4 weeks.
  • I’ve booked in for my final wax, pedicure and brow appointment. An appropriate date to book these for was difficult though, I didn’t want to go to ahead of time incase of a late arrival or leave it too late incase I went into labour early and missed it completely! Anyway, I ended up booking for the week before baby’s due date.
  • I’ve also tried to think ahead to the first few weeks after baby is here when I’m in some zombie mindset and probably won’t want to go out much so I’ve stocked up on beauty products I’m running low on.
  • I’m also planning on belly wrapping right away after giving birth. I never did it with Ava but have seen amazing results and reviews so I’ve ordered the Bellefit Postpartum Corset and also this Waist Shaper for a little waist training 🙂
  • I’ve put together a post baby diet and exercise plan. Nothing too drastic for the first few weeks, it’s more of a healthy eating, breast-feeding friendly plan so I don’t get side tracked once baby is here. I know last time around with the constant baby feeding all day and serious lack of sleep and energy all I wanted to eat was fatty, sugary foods which was definitely not best for baby or me.
  • I’m pretty desperate to get back into shape as soon as possible too so I thought it would be a help to plan out a schedule for some postpartum friendly fitness routines to ease me back into it. I’ve purchased a few bits of home equipment so I can do mini workouts at home; a kettle bell, jump rope, resistance bands etc. I will try and update post baby on how things are going on the fitness front ;).

Preparing for baby

  • Obviously there’s been all the baby equipment! My goodness where to even start! We were lucky as we had so much saved from Ava and had to buy very little this time around, but still, there has been so much to organise and set up!
  • I sorted through all of Ava’s old things and got to grips with what we needed quite early on. I’ll be over the moon with a boy but there definitely is the bonus of if we have a girl we have nearly all of Ava’s clothes since birth still! I haven’t really bought many clothes because of this apart from some neutral basics. I figure I’ll want to shop a little more in depth once we know he/she is a he or a she :).
  • We still have Ava’s pram (I fought hubby pretty damn hard for this beauty, unfortunately to no avail!), car seat, isofix etc. Ava had a whole new bedroom for her birthday last month when we swapped her bed for a big girl bed so we could put her cot bed back together for the nursery.
  • I co-slept with Ava for the first year and definitely plan on doing the same with this one; I ordered the Babybay co-sleeping crib which came last week and I absolutely love it. I also managed to get my way on baby’s rocker and ordered the Nuna Leaf which I’ve been lusting after for a fair while. It endures up to 60kg!! And Ava loves it, she has barely moved out of it since it arrived.
  • We had pretty much all other bits from Ava, I’ve obviously bought a ‘few’ cute outfits, new blankets, towels, bedding etc.
  • Ava has chosen baby a new teddy each time we’ve been baby shopping, although they too were straight in bed with her each time we arrived home! She likes to ‘look after’ baby’s things until she arrives ;).
  • We’ve also been considering using cloth nappies this time so I’ve ordered a sample from Totsbots. I’ve read amazing reviews and the bamboo/minky fabric blend is meant to be super soft and much better for baby’s skin. They’re so easy too, one size fits all and no messing with safety pins, soaking etc. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.
  • In the recent weeks one of my main priorities has been trying to prepare Ava as much as possible for bambi’s arrival. I’ve been spending as much quality time just me and her as possible and really focusing on giving her heaps of positive attention. The bad behaviour has definitely amped up since realising there is soon going to be a new tiny human in the house and she is slowly realising she may not be the centre of attention anymore and is making the most of that for sure, which we are trying to ignore as much as possible. I really don’t want her to feel overly jealous though once baby arrives. I spend a lot of time talking about the baby with her and how things are going to be when he/she arrives but I always make sure I speak about it from her perspective; how fun it will be for her and how she’s going to help me with the baby and teach her things. She also talks to bump all the time and gives her kisses and cuddles so I know she is super excited, it’ll probably just take a little adjusting for the first few. We’ve also bought a gift from baby to Ava that we can give her after the birth. I know it’s going to be really overwhelming for her and such a huge change but as long as we’re aware we can hopefully keep her from feeling any kind of resentment.

My current favourite baby shops:
JoJo Maman Bebe
John Lewis
The little white company
Baby Gap
Mamas and Papas
Natural Baby Shower – My favourite online baby shop! It’s amazing! They stock the most gorgeous unique baby products along with larger brands like Aden & Anais. I have ordered some gorgeous bamboo blankets and clothes from them and they’re oh so beaut.
Instagram is also great for finding unique baby boutiques, these are a couple of my favourites:
Tiny Style
Moccs made with love
Love Nest Gifts
Freshly Picked
Hux Baby

LOve x

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Pregnancy update – 37 weeks <3

Third Trimester
“Your baby weighs around 6 1/3 pounds and measures a bit over 19 inches, head to heel.

Weeks Pregnant: 37

Baby Size: Swiss chard

Gender: My heart still says girl, but looking over my bump pictures from my pregnancy with Ava I look so so different, I think maybe now I wouldn’t be so surprised if it is a boy 🙂 either way I CANNOT wait to meet him/her.

Weight gain so far: Can we start skipping this one 😉 haha! I’m up around 27lbs now I think.

Maternity clothes: My maternity jeans are getting tight for sure…

Stretch marks: None 🙂 hoping I make it all the way.

Movement: She is pretty crazy at the moment, which is less than comfortable. She definitely isn’t even attempting to engage, legs and arms are everywhere and she’s still back to back (joy oh joy!) Ava was posterior too and didn’t turn until about 10 minutes before I gave birth so thinking this one is probably going the same way!

Cravings: Just to be able to eat normally again and not feel like my stomach is bursting from my ribs.

Sleep: Sleep isn’t so bad, I’m used to the waking up in the night and being a little (LOT) uncomfortable, but at least I am actually sleeping ❤

Mood: So so excited this week! I can’t quite believe she could now come at any minute but I am desperate to meet her and make our little family complete. Ava’s getting so excited and keeps asking if she is coming really really soon?! I think everything is finally ready too so feeling much more relaxed. I’m still busy busy trying to tie up work though so fingers crossed she doesn’t arrive too early.

Exercise: Hmm, not much here to be honest. Made it to the gym a couple of times last week but that’s it.

Birth Plan: The pool arrived last week!! Eeek!! SO exciting ❤ we just had the trial run blowing it up today and Ava is in it as I write this post. She’s refusing to get out and is having so much fun it’s making me wish we could have a permanent one at home. It’s like a huge paddling pool for her.
The midwife also came to conduct our home assessment which went really well and we did my birth plan together to send to all the community midwives on call. I think we’re stocked up on everything we need so I’m just super super excited now about having this baby and being in our own home. I’ve been reading so many amazing home birth stories again which has me even more excited ❤

IMG_9261Highlight: My sister in law threw me a baby shower on the weekend; such a beautiful day. It’s so rare all the girls get together so was so nice to just have a proper girly day child free :). I had the most gorgeous gifts from all the girls too, we played loads of fun games and everyone wrote their predictions for the birth. It definitely got me all giddy and even more excited if possible!
I also had my maternity shoot on this week and we actually had gorgeous weather for it, I’ve only seen a few preview shots and they’re stunning so I can’t wait to share those with you all! I didn’t do any of this with Ava and so regret it now (which is perhaps why I have gone a little overboard on bump pics throughout ;)).

Will hopefully check in with another update before he/she arrives! Eeeeeeeeek!! ❤

LOve x

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Pregnancy update – 34 weeks <3

Third Trimester
“Your baby now weighs more than 2.2kg and is 45cm from top to toe. She’s filling out and getting rounder – she’ll need her fat layers later to regulate her body temperature once she’s born.

Weeks Pregnant: 34

Baby Size: A cantaloupe melon

Gender: I don’t know if it’s everyone else’s opinions creeping in but I have been doubting myself a little this week on whether the baby is a girl or not.

Weight gain so far: 25lbs. I’m definitely ready to have this baby now and start shedding all the extra weight. I feel like a whale.

Maternity clothes: Still living in the leggings.

Stretch marks: None. The stacks of empty moisturiser pots are though, as my husband says ‘ridiculous.’

Movement: Movement has become at least a little less ferocious. I can tell even she knows there’s limited room to move around so it’s mainly just sticking her bum or hands in the air when she’s stretching that I can feel. Every now and again though it feels like she tries to do a summersault and my word is it painful! Feet getting stuck under my ribs is also becoming more common than I’d like. It’s not such a pleasant feeling.

Cravings: I’ve been incredibly hungry this week, much more so than usual; growth spurt perhaps.

Sleep: Sleep is kind of impossible at the moment, how did I ever get comfortable before, it’s like a distant memory of curling up in bed and sleeping for hours. Now I’m lucky if I sleep for more than a couple at a time and I’m constantly tossing and turning trying to find an accommodating position (did I mention I feel like a whale!) I know I’m getting much more than I will be once Bambi arrives though (ha!) so I’m not complaining 🙂 (much).

Mood: It’s all a little overwhelming that this little bump is going to be here in 6 weeks time. 6 weeks!!? I’m so freaking excited and super scared all at the same time. Even though I think I know what to expect, deep down I 1) know I’ve totally forgotten what it’s like to have a newborn and 2) it’s obviously going to be a completely new experience having a newborn and a toddler running around, that terrifies me a little. Either way I’m feeling totally ready to have her home and wanting to cling on to these last few weeks just us and Ava at the same time.

Exercise: I feel like I’ve become a little too lazy these past couple of weeks, I can count how many times I’ve made it to the gym on one hand in that time which is making me feel a little guilty. My energy levels are definitely not their usual perky selves though so this is my excuse ;).

Birth Plan: So I ordered the pool but I feel I still have a crazy amount of other stuff to do. I still have basically the entire nursery to finish, but have been way too indecisive on decor so am tempted to wait until we know he/she is a he or a she :). I finally ordered the baby-bay co-sleeping cot which I’ve been meaning to do for a while and was one of the few remaining items we needed. As for other supplies I think we’re about there, with the exception of a couple of bits and bobs.

Highlight: I’m really enjoying pregnancy at this stage (with the exception of sleep and whaleness ;)). I’m just trying to enjoy these last few weeks as much as I possibly can. I love feeling so close to her and it feels much more real now I know she is basically a full grown baby just below the surface. Ava has so many kisses and cuddles with her everyday and I love seeing her connect with her little brother or sister so much already. Hubby is definitely getting nervous too, he’s started asking lots of questions and I can tell he’s thinking ‘shit’s about to get real! We’re actually having another baby and it’s going to be here pretty damn soon!’ It was totally the same with Ava, for the first 8 or 9 months he was so nonchalant about the whole thing then a few weeks before she was due he totally changed and I could tell he was only just realising life was about to become drastically different :).

Will check in with another update again soon ❤

LOve x

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