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Time between posts is starting to get a little embarrassing now, I just don’t understand where the time goes! Andee is 3 months already, nearly 4 and it feels like about 2 days have passed since she was born!

Anyhoooo, life has been great lately; testing, but good and very very busy! Life with two kids is quickly becoming the norm around here and it feels like we have almost accustomed completely now, with the odd minor hiccup ;). Andee has been progressing brilliantly; she’s getting so strong with her head and is almost almost rolling over. She loves her baby bouncer and her Bumbo and has finally started grasping things so it’s everything and anything in her mouth at the moment. Her weight is still soaring and she is a little monster with rolls everywhere, her 3-6 month clothes are a squeeze already!

IMG_4321  IMG_3836

I’m hoping it’s just a faze, but she is all kinds of grumpy lately and she sure knows how to cry! It’s mainly when she’s tired and I’m thinking it’s a mix of a growth spurt and just getting frustrated that she can’t do things; she’s so ready to just be able to move, I can see it’s bugging her and she has such a little fiery temper which she has no qualms in showing off when she’s not happy, you have never heard a baby cry so loud! I have no idea what the neighbours must think! I feel like we didn’t fully appreciate that Ava never cried as a baby and because of that it has been a complete shock to the system this time. Last night she cried continuously from around 7pm-10pm just because she was tired (and my word does this girl fight sleep). Needless to say by the time Hubby got home I was ready to board a plane to some far away location and never look back. Hah!

IMG_4256  IMG_4814

Apart from the crying from fatigue she really is a little gem, although everybody is a little sceptical to believe this once they’ve heard the set of lungs on her! 🙂 She is such a happy baby the rest of the time I swear ;). She loves to smile and her little giggles are to die for! We gave her her first banana a few days ago too which she was a little confused about but sat suckling on it for the best part of an hour. Sleeping is still going great (at night only) and she is sleeping through with the odd feed. She loves to lie in and it’s impossible to wake her before around 10am, probably because she is so exhausted from fighting sleep in the daytime!
You’re probably looking at this picture thinking everything I’m saying is a lie right! Butter wouldn’t melt…

IMG_4194  IMG_4749

Ava has been a doll recently, the crazy teenager style behaviour seems to be calming down a lot and she’s sleeping though the night again (for now). She just get’s better and better the older Andee gets and I love watching them together. I know once Andee gets to an age where she is moving around and can interact with Ava, they will be playing all day long.
Andee and I just flew to Spain for my company’s annual retreat so Hubby took Ava up to Scarborough camping and my word, she was in absolute heaven. It’s all she could talk about for weeks beforehand then every time I face timed whilst I was away she was just ecstatic and could barely tell me how much fun she was having, they were up at 7am every morning and were off out flying kites, building sandcastles, riding on ponies, visiting aquariums, you name it, they did it. I think it was all sorts of overwhelming and having Daddy to herself every day was perfection for her.
IMG_3883 IMG_4699
This beauty is growing up far too quickly! I know I’ll blink and she’ll suddenly be having boys over and stealing my clothes.

Spain was wonderful and I am so incredibly lucky to work for the most accommodating company. I was debating whether to attend or not for a long time beforehand, but with Andee being so great travelling to Portugal and Ava desperate to go camping with Daddy I thought what the heck. It was also the first time most of us were all meeting too with most employees working distributed, so I really didn’t want to miss out on all the fun. And it was so much fun, everyone had a great time and got along together awesomely. We had the most amazing accommodation set on a cliff edge which looked down to the gorgeous coastline below with an incredible view of Morocco in the distance. Andee was perfect on the way there (I was so so nervous about travelling by myself) and for the first 3 or 4 days was a little angel, I don’t think she cried once. But, on the last day she woke up with a fever and we ended up being in A&E with her for hours. She was absolutely fine (just a temperature) but because she was so little the Doctors wanted to be sure and they carried out so many awful tests on her. It was definitely one of the most traumatic things I’ve ever been through and I can’t imagine how Hubby was coping not being able to be there. But, at least it happened at the very end of the holiday and not the beginning and I have to say, as horrendous at it all was, I was amazed at how great the Doctors were and how quickly we were seen (although they did not speak a word of English and if I hadn’t of had two of the girls from work there helping I would have been completely lost).

IMG_4682 IMG_3764

That’s us up to date I think, back to busy busy life as we now know it. Adam has just gone freelance and is now hiring himself out for small private events, dinner parties and such and it’s been great since it happened as it’s all just gone crazy with the amount of interest he’s had and he’s already booked a ton of events for the next couple of months. It’s super nice for us girls too as it means he’s at home in the day a lot more and it’s been really exciting for him finally being able to work for himself.

I really will try to post again soon


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IMG_0677Andee Rae
8lbs 4oz
7th April 2015

SHE’S HERE!! Finally! And she is everything! A perfect little bundle of happiness ❤
Apologies for the super late post and thank you to everyone for all the love on Instagram and facebook these past weeks.

Little Andee kept us waiting and was a whole week late! Needless to say Hubby and I were going out of our minds! The delivery was super quick (like an hour and a half quick!!) and everything went perfectly. I am planning to share my birth story soon but need to find the time to sit and write it. Time is just flying already, I’ve no idea where the past 2 weeks have gone. It feels like she only just got here and I know she’ll be running around before we know it.

IMG_9940 IMG_0098
Ava has been just angelic with her. It melts my heart to see how she dotes on her, she’s constantly giving her kisses and cuddles and she watches her in absolute amazement. It’s wonderful seeing her taking it all in; being a big sister suits her no end and I cannot wait to watch them grow up together. And of course she got the girl she so desperately wanted so we avoided the tantrums on that one 😉
Behaviour wise for us though things have got cray-zay around here! She’s definitely adjusting and my goodness the tantrums have come in thick and fast since Andee’s arrival. We did expect it and fingers crossed it will be short lived. I’m just trying to be as calm and reasonable with her as I can right now. Which, since the Hubby went back to work this week, has been challenging at times for sure 😉

IMG_9931This little cherub had been amazing so far! We’re all still in a bit of a newborn bubble right now, but slowly things are returning to normal. Visits from friends and family have died down a little and with the husband back at work, we’re slowly adjusting to daily life just the three of us. Some days are tough for sure and the best diet advise I’ve ever heard is to have two children! You literally do not have time to eat! There is just not enough time in the day right now to get everything done. But I definitely can’t complain, I get at least 8 hours of sleep a night (co-sleeping advocate over here) and she is such a content little thing. She’s still in the sleep all day and all night faze which makes getting work and things done pretty easy at least and feeding is going great, at her last weigh in she was up to 9lbs! So super proud of her.

This man! ❤ We are unbelievably lucky to have him, he’s been just amazing as usual.

CoCo is pretty smitten too, she, like Ava, also likes to just sit and stare and has been on such good behaviour since Andee’s arrival. She does want to smell and lick her constantly though so she has been spending a lot more time in the kitchen than usual.


I’ll hopefully get a birth story up in the next week or two.
LOve x

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My Pregnancy – 40 weeks

Full term! Eeek! ❤
Hopefully my next post will be a birth story!
As this is my last bumpdate I thought I’d do an overall summery of my pregnancy, symptoms and such. I’m so ready to meet this little bambino but I’m also going to miss being pregnant a tonne! I’ve been really lucky in both pregnancies and they’ve both gone perfectly. I love being pregnant and my body seems to too. We’re pretty sure this is going to be our last and I know I’m going to miss having a little furness inside so so much! Anyways here goes…

Weeks Pregnant: 40!

Baby Size: A pumpkin!

Gender: So you guys probably know by now we chose not to find out and I am so ready to just know ;). The whole way I’ve thought she’s a girl but have changed my mind slightly the past few weeks, probably because every other person thinks it’s a boy.

Total weight gain: Euughh! So I think 30lbs total, so just over 2 stone 😦 It’s nowhere near what I put on with Ava but still I am really feeling it now and I’m desperate to get back in the gym and start shedding the excess.

Maternity clothes: I didn’t start with maternity wear until around week 24, and since then I’ve just bought the basics. I’m really not a fan of maternity clothes so I’ve pretty much been wearing a mixture of my own stretchy/comfy stuff and my husbands :).

Stretch marks: Yey! I made it all the way without a single one this time, due to my rigorous body brushing and constant moisturising I’m sure.

Belly button: It’s an outtie!! Totally out too, which never happened with my first pregnancy.

Movement: Boy or Girl, this baby is a little gymnast! Or a serial party goer! She is constantly having a crazy disco in there! Pretty much since I first felt her she has been crazy active all day (and night) long. I have no idea how she gets feet in my ribs and hips at the same time. She has been back to back though the entire pregnancy and they say this makes you feel everything out front, and my oh my do I, even at 40 weeks she is still attempting to do advanced aerobics on a hourly basis.

Cravings: Up to about midway it was everything and anything pickled, they died off though pretty quickly and since then the only difference has been getting insanely hungry at nighttime.

Missed anything: Eating sushi, steak and enjoying a glass of wine with my husband. Oh and my pre preg body and wardrobe 😉

Sleep: Sleep has been a battle this time, I suffered with pretty graphic dreams throughout the first and second trimester, then with the third came the inability to lie in any position comfortably to accommodate the ever growing bump. I do LOVE my sleep so this has probably been the most stressful symptom overall, but it really hasn’t been so bad.

Mood: I think my mood the entire way through has been pretty damn good if I say so myself ;). I remember with my first pregnancy my hormones were everywhere, my husband would come home to me weeping for a reason completely unbeknown to myself (probably on a weekly basis), I had none of that this time. I have felt much more levelled, maybe because I’ve been so busy too with a little toddler running around, and I guess it’s a different experience with your second.

Exercise: Pretty consistent up to about 4 weeks ago, I kept up with pretty much everything I was doing pre pregnancy, running up until around week 30 and attending gym and fitness classes. I feel like I’ve stayed a million times fitter than with my previous pregnancy and I like to think it was all in preparation for the most strenuous, lengthy workout I’m about to enter in to ;).

Birth Plan: I knew I wanted to have this baby at home before we even got pregnant this time. I had a pretty smooth birth with Ava which definitely gave me the confidence to have the next at home, along with great support from my husband and family. It’s been such an exciting process getting everything ready and I’ve been so excited about it all the way through my pregnancy. I really wish home births were much more popular and people didn’t face the subject with as much hostility as they do. Throughout my pregnancy the thing that has been consistent is people’s general shock when I tell them I am having this baby at home, which is so sad because it’s such an amazing thing and all the horror stories that go with it are so outdated or completely mythical. I read a great article a few weeks ago that Doctors are now recommending it for low risk pregnancies because it is considered as a safer option to a hospital birth, which makes total sense. Environment is one of the most important factors in birth. At home Mother and baby are so much more relaxed, there are no risks of contaminating illnesses as in hospital and the environment is much more suitable.
Things rarely happen quickly in childbirth and if a problem were to occur at home your midwife is more than qualified to give you the correct care. If something more serious was needed it is extremely unlikely that there wouldn’t be enough time to get you to hospital to receive the necessary care there. Every birth is beautiful no matter what your choice and obviously a home birth is not for everyone and I completely respect each individuals decision, especially if you are not low-risk. I just wish it was promoted more by professionals and women were given better advice and knowledge before making their decision.
Preparing for the birth at home has been such an exciting experience, from ordering the pool, to buying a tonne of candles (who needed an excuse :)), to creating my perfect playlist and planning every last detail. Being in control of all aspects of how my birth is planned has been an empowering experience and I truly can’t wait. I’ve also read so many amazing birth stories throughout my pregnancy which have inspired me no end so I have to thank all you other inspirational mummies out there for those.

Best Moment(s): This is a super difficult one, there have been so many!! My husband was at work when I found out so surprising him is definitely up there. Every time we’ve heard the baby’s heartbeat is also a highlight for me, I can’t get enough of that! The movement too, its such an amazing feeling and nothing else compares to the little human you’ve created wriggling around inside. The whole thing has been total happiness and excitement ❤

Worst Moment: I’d say week 6-11, I had the worst naseua and my energy levels just dropped to nothing. It was the only part I really didn’t enjoy and I found it so difficult to keep up with day to day life with work and Ava. It was all smooth sailing from there though and things have been perfect since.

Looking forward to: Holding this gorgeous little baby, introducing her/him to Ava and witnessing the love they’ll share.

So here we are, finally at the last hurdle. I feel sad it’s about to end, to say goodbye to this chapter of my life. I know I’m going to miss her in my tummy so much. I finally have to share her with the world after she’s been mine for such a long time :). Pregnancy is incredible and I don’t think anything could ever compare to the feeling of growing a little human and to have their little heart beating inside of you. Nothing will make me more proud than bringing her into this world, for helping her grow and giving her life. Even now she is kicking away as I type and I feel a overwhelming sadness that these precious moments are about to end. But at the same time I’m about to receive the greatest gift of all and I couldn’t be more excited; excited to meet her and start a new journey, to know her and to create a million more special moments together as a family.

LOve & Hugs ❤

Preparing for baby <3 the final weeks

I’m about to turn 39 weeks and my oh my am I ready for little baby’s arrival! Before Bambi arrives though I’ve been wanting to put a little baby preparation post together for you ladies. So here you go ❤

I THINK we’re about ready, finally! And it has made me realise just how much you have to organise for these tiny little beings. I’ve put together a sort of list anyhow with some tips and advice for you fellow mums-to-be on what I have done/bought in preparation for baby’s arrival.

Preparing for the birth

  • The pool has been delivered and is pretty much ready to go.
  • The midwife has been for her final assessment and all the paperwork has been sent to the midwives along with my birth plan.
  • The cupboards are stocked with plenty of labour friendly snacks and lots of teas and biscuits for the midwives (this has had to be replenished a fair few times ;)).
  • I’ve written a step by step list for my husband of how I’d like things to go incase It all happens too quickly for me to set everything up myself. I’m such a control freak and it scares me that it could be unlikely (highly so) to go how I’ve envisioned after spending so much time imagining every minute of it and planning every last detail.
  • In terms of equipment you need for a home birth, the midwife came to drop our birth pack off which has all the necessary medical supplies, but there’s a great list here for additional equipment to have. I’ve stocked up on candles (and lots of them), created my birth playlist and packed my hospital bag (just incase!).

Preparing for labour & post partum

  • I’ve been drinking a tonne of raspberry leaf tea and taking 2000/mg a day of evening primrose oil for the last 4 weeks.
  • I’ve booked in for my final wax, pedicure and brow appointment. An appropriate date to book these for was difficult though, I didn’t want to go to ahead of time incase of a late arrival or leave it too late incase I went into labour early and missed it completely! Anyway, I ended up booking for the week before baby’s due date.
  • I’ve also tried to think ahead to the first few weeks after baby is here when I’m in some zombie mindset and probably won’t want to go out much so I’ve stocked up on beauty products I’m running low on.
  • I’m also planning on belly wrapping right away after giving birth. I never did it with Ava but have seen amazing results and reviews so I’ve ordered the Bellefit Postpartum Corset and also this Waist Shaper for a little waist training 🙂
  • I’ve put together a post baby diet and exercise plan. Nothing too drastic for the first few weeks, it’s more of a healthy eating, breast-feeding friendly plan so I don’t get side tracked once baby is here. I know last time around with the constant baby feeding all day and serious lack of sleep and energy all I wanted to eat was fatty, sugary foods which was definitely not best for baby or me.
  • I’m pretty desperate to get back into shape as soon as possible too so I thought it would be a help to plan out a schedule for some postpartum friendly fitness routines to ease me back into it. I’ve purchased a few bits of home equipment so I can do mini workouts at home; a kettle bell, jump rope, resistance bands etc. I will try and update post baby on how things are going on the fitness front ;).

Preparing for baby

  • Obviously there’s been all the baby equipment! My goodness where to even start! We were lucky as we had so much saved from Ava and had to buy very little this time around, but still, there has been so much to organise and set up!
  • I sorted through all of Ava’s old things and got to grips with what we needed quite early on. I’ll be over the moon with a boy but there definitely is the bonus of if we have a girl we have nearly all of Ava’s clothes since birth still! I haven’t really bought many clothes because of this apart from some neutral basics. I figure I’ll want to shop a little more in depth once we know he/she is a he or a she :).
  • We still have Ava’s pram (I fought hubby pretty damn hard for this beauty, unfortunately to no avail!), car seat, isofix etc. Ava had a whole new bedroom for her birthday last month when we swapped her bed for a big girl bed so we could put her cot bed back together for the nursery.
  • I co-slept with Ava for the first year and definitely plan on doing the same with this one; I ordered the Babybay co-sleeping crib which came last week and I absolutely love it. I also managed to get my way on baby’s rocker and ordered the Nuna Leaf which I’ve been lusting after for a fair while. It endures up to 60kg!! And Ava loves it, she has barely moved out of it since it arrived.
  • We had pretty much all other bits from Ava, I’ve obviously bought a ‘few’ cute outfits, new blankets, towels, bedding etc.
  • Ava has chosen baby a new teddy each time we’ve been baby shopping, although they too were straight in bed with her each time we arrived home! She likes to ‘look after’ baby’s things until she arrives ;).
  • We’ve also been considering using cloth nappies this time so I’ve ordered a sample from Totsbots. I’ve read amazing reviews and the bamboo/minky fabric blend is meant to be super soft and much better for baby’s skin. They’re so easy too, one size fits all and no messing with safety pins, soaking etc. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.
  • In the recent weeks one of my main priorities has been trying to prepare Ava as much as possible for bambi’s arrival. I’ve been spending as much quality time just me and her as possible and really focusing on giving her heaps of positive attention. The bad behaviour has definitely amped up since realising there is soon going to be a new tiny human in the house and she is slowly realising she may not be the centre of attention anymore and is making the most of that for sure, which we are trying to ignore as much as possible. I really don’t want her to feel overly jealous though once baby arrives. I spend a lot of time talking about the baby with her and how things are going to be when he/she arrives but I always make sure I speak about it from her perspective; how fun it will be for her and how she’s going to help me with the baby and teach her things. She also talks to bump all the time and gives her kisses and cuddles so I know she is super excited, it’ll probably just take a little adjusting for the first few. We’ve also bought a gift from baby to Ava that we can give her after the birth. I know it’s going to be really overwhelming for her and such a huge change but as long as we’re aware we can hopefully keep her from feeling any kind of resentment.

My current favourite baby shops:
JoJo Maman Bebe
John Lewis
The little white company
Baby Gap
Mamas and Papas
Natural Baby Shower – My favourite online baby shop! It’s amazing! They stock the most gorgeous unique baby products along with larger brands like Aden & Anais. I have ordered some gorgeous bamboo blankets and clothes from them and they’re oh so beaut.
Instagram is also great for finding unique baby boutiques, these are a couple of my favourites:
Tiny Style
Moccs made with love
Love Nest Gifts
Freshly Picked
Hux Baby

LOve x

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Windows and Waterfalls <3 Maternity shoot

As I mentioned in my last post, we finally did my maternity shoot last weekend and I just got the photos back ❤ I absolutely love them! My photographer did the most amazing job! Especially as I hate photos of myself at the moment (general whaleness, size of a house type thing…). I so so wish I had done the same when I was pregnant with Ava. I’d love to look back at pictures like these now.

This location turned out to be perfect and is a five minute drive from our house. We had such beautiful weather too which has been very much amiss lately

Anyhoo, photo overload below…

Zoe WaterBacklitZoe ShadowZoe B&WZoe more shadow
_SDI0922Slightly blurry_SDI0925zoeblurryPeekaboo


Sitting in WIndowZoe and Ava B&W Zoe and Ava ColourSilhouette_SDI0953
I love this photo of little miss. ❤ We were out for a while bless her and it did start getting rather cold…

White Dress: Zara Similar here
Navy Dress: Asos
Sandals: Aldo
Necklace: Samantha Wills
Bangles: Kate Spade
Ava’s Dress: Monsoon

LOve x

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Pregnancy update – 37 weeks <3

Third Trimester
“Your baby weighs around 6 1/3 pounds and measures a bit over 19 inches, head to heel.

Weeks Pregnant: 37

Baby Size: Swiss chard

Gender: My heart still says girl, but looking over my bump pictures from my pregnancy with Ava I look so so different, I think maybe now I wouldn’t be so surprised if it is a boy 🙂 either way I CANNOT wait to meet him/her.

Weight gain so far: Can we start skipping this one 😉 haha! I’m up around 27lbs now I think.

Maternity clothes: My maternity jeans are getting tight for sure…

Stretch marks: None 🙂 hoping I make it all the way.

Movement: She is pretty crazy at the moment, which is less than comfortable. She definitely isn’t even attempting to engage, legs and arms are everywhere and she’s still back to back (joy oh joy!) Ava was posterior too and didn’t turn until about 10 minutes before I gave birth so thinking this one is probably going the same way!

Cravings: Just to be able to eat normally again and not feel like my stomach is bursting from my ribs.

Sleep: Sleep isn’t so bad, I’m used to the waking up in the night and being a little (LOT) uncomfortable, but at least I am actually sleeping ❤

Mood: So so excited this week! I can’t quite believe she could now come at any minute but I am desperate to meet her and make our little family complete. Ava’s getting so excited and keeps asking if she is coming really really soon?! I think everything is finally ready too so feeling much more relaxed. I’m still busy busy trying to tie up work though so fingers crossed she doesn’t arrive too early.

Exercise: Hmm, not much here to be honest. Made it to the gym a couple of times last week but that’s it.

Birth Plan: The pool arrived last week!! Eeek!! SO exciting ❤ we just had the trial run blowing it up today and Ava is in it as I write this post. She’s refusing to get out and is having so much fun it’s making me wish we could have a permanent one at home. It’s like a huge paddling pool for her.
The midwife also came to conduct our home assessment which went really well and we did my birth plan together to send to all the community midwives on call. I think we’re stocked up on everything we need so I’m just super super excited now about having this baby and being in our own home. I’ve been reading so many amazing home birth stories again which has me even more excited ❤

IMG_9261Highlight: My sister in law threw me a baby shower on the weekend; such a beautiful day. It’s so rare all the girls get together so was so nice to just have a proper girly day child free :). I had the most gorgeous gifts from all the girls too, we played loads of fun games and everyone wrote their predictions for the birth. It definitely got me all giddy and even more excited if possible!
I also had my maternity shoot on this week and we actually had gorgeous weather for it, I’ve only seen a few preview shots and they’re stunning so I can’t wait to share those with you all! I didn’t do any of this with Ava and so regret it now (which is perhaps why I have gone a little overboard on bump pics throughout ;)).

Will hopefully check in with another update before he/she arrives! Eeeeeeeeek!! ❤

LOve x

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Fitness in Pregnancy

Over the last couple of years since having my first daughter health and fitness has become really important to me. I truly believe living a clean healthy lifestyle is key to being happy. It has changed my view completely on the image I have always had of myself, instead of seeing it as a weight loss solution it is now something completely different. It is an amazing form of therapy and a great stress reliever, it makes me feel calm and at peace with myself, clears my mind and seeing results over the long-term makes me proud of the dedication I have found for it.

I was younger I was so weight obsessive and have probably tried every fad diet/weight loss aid out there; all of these types of diet, although giving some initial success are so much worse in the long run. They are not good for your body in any way and usually lead to putting weight back on very quickly once completed in preparation for you putting your body through such an unnatural process again. They tend to make your immune system weak along with you body, you have little or no energy and the results are never long-lasting. When following a healthy lifestyle consistency is key. Nothing happens overnight and there are no quick fixes if you want long-term results. Dedication and motivation will lead you there in your own time and the results will be so worth it once they come.

Because working out is such a central part of my life now it has been really important to me to stay fit during this pregnancy. When I was pregnant the first time around, although I did do moderate exercise throughout, I definitely didn’t stay healthy; I ate my bodyweight in rubbish food everyday and put on over 3 stone. Needless to say I did not want that to happen this time.
I also worked so hard to get back to my pre pregnancy self after Ava was born I didn’t want to throw that all away. After Ava and prior to this pregnancy was the fittest I’ve ever been, I was running pretty much everyday and feeling great in myself. I wanted to carry on that throughout this pregnancy and more than that to be able to easily sink back into my routine once baby arrived.

There’s also the undeniable benefit that exercise is great for baby and as long as you’re not starting anything new, maintaining the same level of fitness throughout pregnancy is not harmful to you or the baby. In fact it’s super beneficial for baby’s development and most importantly if Mummy is fit and healthy there’s a much lower chance of complications. Not to mention how great exercise is for giving birth. Keeping your muscles active throughout helps prepare your body for the gruelling task of labour and in general helps you spring back to shape once baby is born. Yoga is also great in pregnancy. I swear by it in general anyway but it is especially good at keeping stress at bay when your body needs it most, keeping you flexible and giving you amazing relaxation techniques for use in labour.

Eating healthy is also a big thing for me, especially whilst growing a little human inside :). Baby’s development relies so much on what we put into our bodies and the vitamins and minerals we consume. Don’t get me wrong I’ve definitely had my bad days when I’ve binged on chocolate and ice cream, but in general I try to only put goodness in, seen as though Bambi is getting everything I am I try to keep the fatty or processed food to a minimum and fill up on plenty of fruit and vegetables, and healthy carbs and proteins.

Below are some random shots from my camera roll and Instagram of my typical diet.

Breakfast for me usually consists of one of following. Since becoming pregnant it is probably my most valued meal of the day as I’m so hungry when I wake which is totally new to me so I like to have something which is going to fill me up until lunch.
IMG_7425IMG_8212IMG_8976On weekdays bowls of fat free yogurt and tonnes of fruit are my go to, especially when I’m working and have limited time.
Weekends are for pancakes! (I started making these flour free ones a while ago and am totally addicted! They only have 3 ingredients! (1 whole mashed banana, 2 eggs or eggs whites and a teaspoon or so of flaxseed.) They are so delicious and taste just like you are gorging on the real deal. ❤

IMG_7863IMG_7733IMG_7950Eggs are also a weekend fave, usually with lots of added avocado or spinach.
Lunch is usually a salad of some kind 🙂

This is often what I eat if I go out for lunch and is one of the best salads I’ve ever eaten, packed full of fruit, veg and yummy seeds.

Dinner is definitely my favourite meal of the day and I try to make it as low carb but as filling as possible.
Fish or lean meat, sides of cous-cous, lentils, sweet potato or similar and a mountain of steamed vegetables <3. I always load up more on the veg to fill me up and go heavy on the kale and spinach as they’re super good for Mama and baby.

IMG_8875IMG_8071IMG_8566IMG_8534IMG_7629I absolutely LOVE sushi and it has been one of things I’ve missed most this pregnancy, but when cravings are at the max, go for some yummy avocado maki, not quite the real thing but still nearly as good! ❤
IMG_8197 IMG_8206

LOve x

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