4 Month PostPartum Update


Time to check in with a postpartum wellness update again. I feel pretty good at the moment. I’m finally full speed ahead with my running again and am starting to feel a lot more confident in my post-pregnancy bod. I still have a some excess weight sticking around that just won’t budge but am mainly concerned about toning up. Almost all my clothes finally fit again with the exception of my skinniest jeans, but hopefully, I’m almost there.

So, I haven’t weighed myself in a good few months and I don’t plan on doing so anytime soon. I kind of got bored of feeling like shit every time I stepped on the scales. I’m a pro at guilting myself into thinking I’m not doing enough when in actual fact it’s probably just my body clinging on to the excess fat stores to make sure I have sufficient milk for Andee. Instead of relying on a number on a screen, I’m just going by the mirror and how I feel about myself from day to day. It’s taken so much stress away and even if I haven’t lost any weight at all, I feel so much better about myself at the moment. Us girls are always way too hard on ourselves and our bodies and I’m the absolute worst culprit of this so I’m trying to just be healthy, be fit and leave my body to do it’s thing the rest of the time.

Exercise has been going great and I finally feel like I’m almost back to where I was pre-pregnancy (running wise at least). Needless to say there’s not much spare time to work out with a 4 month old baby around but I do what I can, when I can. I kind of gave up on the gym, running is the thing I love the most and running outside in good weather is perfection, so I cut down on all my classes and started doing mini workouts at home when I have the time. I thought it would motivate me less not having a class or the gym to go to at certain times each day but actually it’s been the complete opposite; it’s much nicer to exercise when I feel like it or have the time instead of it being on schedule. The hubby and I are also training for a half marathon at the end of September so I’m really looking forward to that and enjoying actually getting to work out together for a change.

So the past few weeks I have been terrible. Just eating pretty much none stop and certainly not the most nutricious of foods either. When we went on holiday we all obviously induldged a little too much and I found it difficult to get back on track once we returned home. This past week though has been much better and I’ve started being a little more strict again, not so much on the quatities of food (breastfeeding makes you all kinds of hungry!) but on the quality. I’m back to eating as much fresh food as possible and trying (my damn hardest) to stay away from the sugar! Easier said than done when you have a Husband and small child at home who are constantly stuffing their faces!

Anyway, just a quick post today. Back to the mayhem. Will check in again soon.

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A Healthy Lifestyle = A Happy Soul!

“Run faster, eat better, sleep longer, try harder, aim higher, love more, be happy.”


A healthy lifestyle is something that’s really important to me and something I try my hardest to live by. In my opinion being healthy and active is the key to happiness, and LOVE of course! 🙂

Mainly I run, and I love to run. For me nothing compares. If I’m stressed, worried, tired or feeling generally rubbish, I force myself to run, even when I’m really not feeling it, because afterwards I feel great no matter what. I love to work out in the morning, then I feel like I have the rest of the day ahead of me and it’s much easier to achieve more when you’re up early and energised.
I do work out in other ways too though, I love my kettle bell classes and Yoga is probably the highlight of my week. I would recommend Yoga to anyone who has never tried it, I’ve honestly never met anyone who has tried it and disliked. It’s so peaceful and relaxing and yet pushes you to limits that are completely different to those experienced in other forms of fitness.

I started exercising and trying to eat healthy after having Ava, I guess mainly to loose the baby weight, and since then it’s become a bit of an addiction, and there are worse addictions to have as long as you have a balance. Of course I have days I don’t want to exercise or eat right and that’s fine as long as the right balance is there and that mentality doesn’t become the superior one. I try and stick to a workout of some sorts 3-5 times a week, sometimes it’s more, sometimes less. When it comes to eating I go through stages of being strict and a little more relaxed. I always try and keep it healthy, then if I’m wanting to cleanse I cut the carbs and sugar. And I do love food, love love it, but you don’t have to eat unhealthy to enjoy amazing food. Being creative and doing your research makes it so satisfying when you create or discover something delicious that’s also amazing for your body.

My main tips for a healthy diet are:
– Water, water, water! I try and drink at least 2 litres every day.
– Portion control – commonly the problem isn’t in what we are eating but how much so I tend to eat small and often.
– Preparing snacks – snacking is my weakness so I always make sure I have healthy options ready for when cravings strike.
– Try to stay away from any processed high sugar foods.
– Double up on fruit and veg – If you’re a big eater and finding it hard to cut down portion sizes or just feel extra hungry I always make a huge portion of steamed veg to fill the extra.

My usual day is fruit salad or muesli for breakfast, salad for lunch and I always make it more filling by adding lentils or mixed beans, then fish or chicken with steamed veg for dinner. Below are a few pictures of some recent meals I’ve made which are typical of my usual diet.


One of my favourites ‘oven baked salmon with mediterranean style cous cous and steamed veg’

My current favourite breakfast – these cereals are heaven and packed with goodness.

‘Spiced lamb with puy lentils, steamed vegetables and sautéed leeks’

‘Tofu stir fry’ with courgette and carrot instead of noodles

‘Spicy chicken stuffed pepper, quinoa and homemade guacamole’

This last one is anything but healthy but you have to allow some treats 😉 and when it comes to dessert, pancakes are definitely a weakness of mine. These American style pancakes are to die for and incredibly easy to make.

LOve x

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