Placenta Encapsulation

I first heard about placenta encapsulation when watching an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (massive guilty pleasure). I then read about it in Vogue when January Jones admitted to having her placenta encapsulated and how incredible her experience had been. So I decided to take a closer look at this increasingly popular trend.

We know animals in the wild all eat their placentas immediately after birth and for me this was one of the mains reasons that just made sense to me. After all that placenta has kept your baby alive for the past nine months, providing all the nutrients needed to grow from a tiny egg to a full size miracle so it makes sense that placenta is rich in vitamins and minerals and all kinds of goodness. The use of the placenta goes back thousands of years in old chinese medicine and it’s main purpose in consuming it after birth is to replenish the mothers body of all the nutrients lost in childbirth. Supposed benefits are thought to include levelling hormones and fighting off the ‘baby blues’ in the first few weeks; helping with milk supply; replenishing depleted iron levels, boosting energy levels; decreasing the chance of postpartum depression and helping the uterus return to its pre-baby state.

So after much deliberation throughout my pregnancy and a lot of hesitation from loved ones I decided to go ahead with it, after all what’s the worst that could happen? It would either do a tonne of good, replenish my body of hundreds of nutrients or do nothing at all, either way I wasn’t going to lose anything so I thought what the heck, I might as well give it a go and I sure liked the sound of all the potential benefits.

I realise this is most definitely not for everyone and trust me, even my own Husband was hugely grossed-out by the whole idea. I decided to encapsulate myself (again my Husband had to leave the house for this) but there are many proffessionals out there who will do this for you for a fee. I actually found the process fascinating and was more than happy to do it myself. I simply followed a tutorial online, ordered the necessary equipment and viola! This was the end product.


I’ve been taking the pills now for 6 weeks and this is what I have found…
(I must add in addition to the pills when comparing this time to the 6 weeks after Ava was born, sleep is a big factor. I was incredibly run down and exhausted in the weeks after Ava’s birth but this time I’ve been getting much more sleep which is no doubtably having a big impact on my general state of wellness.)

Over all I’ve felt amazing since the day I gave birth to Andee. I’ve had copious amounts of energy, my body recovered very quickly and breastfeeding has gone perfectly smooth up to now. There has most definitely been no ‘baby blues’ in site and the main difference is the anxiety this time has completely gone (although I’m sure this is partly down to it being my second baby). All in all I feel great, my body is doing great, my hair and skin is wonderful for the first time in a long time and there has been no crazy hormonal mood swings as with Ava. I really do feel just great and am definitely inclined to think this is partly, if not mainly down to the taking the capsules. I would seriously recommend trying placenta encapsulation to anyone considering it. It makes perfect sense to me and after taking them for a while I have definitely seen some amazing results.


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My ultimate baby gear list

Hello lovelies! Where is the time going! I have so many posts I want to write but there just aren’t enough hours in the day! Things are definitely CRAYzy around here right now! Happy crazy though 🙂 I do love being busy and busy is definitely what I am nowadays! ❤

I’m so glad I finally made the time to sit down and write Andee’s birth story, it was emotional reliving it all again and I had the most amazing response from all of you lovely ladies which had me even more emotional! I cannot tell you how much reading others’ birth experiences inspire and amazed me so I was filled with joy to have had such positive comments from my own.

I also keep meaning to write a review on placenta encapsulation and my experience with that, which I will definitely get round to in the next week or so along with a first postpartum update.

It’s been a few weeks now since little Andee’s birth so I thought I’d put a little list together of the baby products we really cant live without and those things that have made this transition that little bit easier.

The baby bay co-sleeping cot
I’m a total co-sleeping advocate, I think it’s much more calming for baby in adjusting to life outside of the womb. Babies aren’t supposed to sleep on their own in my opinion and I take great comfort in the fact that whenever Andee searches for me in the night I’m right there next to her. For breastfeeding mamas it is a godsend, I simply feed Andee in the cot lying in a half moon around her, we both get so much more sleep without having to get up multiple times each night and sleep makes the days much more manageable, no matter how challenging they may be ;). I honestly could not recommend this cot enough!

The Nuna Leaf Curv Rocker
I’m not a huge fan of battery operated chairs and this is a great alternative with its silent and gentle sway. It has been just amazing! Not only for Andee but Ava absolutely loves it too! It has a maximum weight of 65kg! The sway lasts a good few minutes but little ones kicks set it off swaying too. Andee isn’t the best at being put down anywhere but this at least keeps her quiet for a short while and I can always put her down in it when she’s sleeping. I love its look too and is a nice change from all the garish colours baby chairs usually come in.

Moby Wrap
Baby wearing = Super happy Mummy and Baby! I could not live without this wrap, especially having a 3 year old, this is perfect for having my hands free and breastfeeding in it is super easy once you get the hang of it. It looks crazy cozy and comforting for little one, she falls asleep almost instantly as soon as I put her in. I had this one for Ava too and I used it until she was around 2 years old. Its a little daunting the first time you try but is so easy once you’ve done it a few times.

Mamas & Papas Sola travel system
This is the pram we had for Ava and it hasn’t worn in the slightest, although I tried persistently to convince Hubby we needed a new one for Andee, I lost. But I do still love this pram and it is a great all rounder. It lasts through the stages, is super easy to dismantle and is nice and compact folded down.

Topshop nursing bras
It’s impossible to find nursing bras that are practical but still pretty, Topshop do these in a whole bunch of colours, they’re super comfortable and have a great discrete under layer which keeps you covered when feeding ❤

Aden & Anais swaddle blankets

I’m obsessed with aden + anais products, they have the most gorgeous patterns and designs and are unbelievably soft. The swaddle blankets are fab due to their extra large size and are just great multi-purpose items, I use them mainly as nursing covers because they’re oh so pretty but they also get plenty of use as blankets, swaddles, burp cloths, bibs etc.

Tiny Tots all-in-one nappies

inner_1_compact bm_1024x1024
You will not believe how crazy soft the bamboo/mink fabric inside of these nappies is! We weren’t great at using them at first because disposables are so easy but Andee got bad nappy rash and it has completely cleared up since switching. They’re all in one and one size fits all so, although pricy to begin with, they are much better value in the long run and there’s no pins or separate covers to worry about. They’ve washed extremely well so far and have lost none of the softness.

Natural Baby Shower
This is my absolute favourite shop for super soft, amazing quality baby products. The Bamboo blanket we have from there is the SOFTEST blanket I’ve ever felt! As are the little baby hats and suits. Everything’s organic and made from bamboo or marino wool which is oh so smooth on baby’s skin.

Weleda without a doubt is my favourite skincare brand for little babies. We used all of their products with Ava too and their all-natural plant based products have an amazing smell as well as being great for baby’s skin.


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IMG_0677Andee Rae
8lbs 4oz
7th April 2015

SHE’S HERE!! Finally! And she is everything! A perfect little bundle of happiness ❤
Apologies for the super late post and thank you to everyone for all the love on Instagram and facebook these past weeks.

Little Andee kept us waiting and was a whole week late! Needless to say Hubby and I were going out of our minds! The delivery was super quick (like an hour and a half quick!!) and everything went perfectly. I am planning to share my birth story soon but need to find the time to sit and write it. Time is just flying already, I’ve no idea where the past 2 weeks have gone. It feels like she only just got here and I know she’ll be running around before we know it.

IMG_9940 IMG_0098
Ava has been just angelic with her. It melts my heart to see how she dotes on her, she’s constantly giving her kisses and cuddles and she watches her in absolute amazement. It’s wonderful seeing her taking it all in; being a big sister suits her no end and I cannot wait to watch them grow up together. And of course she got the girl she so desperately wanted so we avoided the tantrums on that one 😉
Behaviour wise for us though things have got cray-zay around here! She’s definitely adjusting and my goodness the tantrums have come in thick and fast since Andee’s arrival. We did expect it and fingers crossed it will be short lived. I’m just trying to be as calm and reasonable with her as I can right now. Which, since the Hubby went back to work this week, has been challenging at times for sure 😉

IMG_9931This little cherub had been amazing so far! We’re all still in a bit of a newborn bubble right now, but slowly things are returning to normal. Visits from friends and family have died down a little and with the husband back at work, we’re slowly adjusting to daily life just the three of us. Some days are tough for sure and the best diet advise I’ve ever heard is to have two children! You literally do not have time to eat! There is just not enough time in the day right now to get everything done. But I definitely can’t complain, I get at least 8 hours of sleep a night (co-sleeping advocate over here) and she is such a content little thing. She’s still in the sleep all day and all night faze which makes getting work and things done pretty easy at least and feeding is going great, at her last weigh in she was up to 9lbs! So super proud of her.

This man! ❤ We are unbelievably lucky to have him, he’s been just amazing as usual.

CoCo is pretty smitten too, she, like Ava, also likes to just sit and stare and has been on such good behaviour since Andee’s arrival. She does want to smell and lick her constantly though so she has been spending a lot more time in the kitchen than usual.


I’ll hopefully get a birth story up in the next week or two.
LOve x

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Pregnancy update – 21 weeks <3

Weeks Pregnant:

Baby Size: A banana

Gender: We had our second and final scan today, hubby was desperately hoping we’d see something by accident even though I told the Sonographer we didn’t want to know. As it turned out, it’s lucky we didn’t want to find out; as with Ava bambino was lying on her tummy with feet and legs curled up underneath and was definitely not willing to budge.
(even though we don’t know I do refer to her as a girl.)

Weight gain so far:
10lbs so far. I’m predicting around a pound per week from here on out.
Maternity clothes: Still none, but I’m feeling the need for some maternity bottoms soon for sure! That elastic band is having to stretch considerably in order for me to button my jeans.
Stretch marks: None yet. I managed to pretty much avoid them when I was pregnant with Ava and my only advice is moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Twice a day, everyday! And drink plenty of water. Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised keeps it elasticated which helps prevent it tearing.
Movement: My goodness has there been movement! I started feeling her about two weeks ago and the kicks and flutters have become increasingly strong since then. It feels like she is doing summersaults in there! And she is completely nocturnal, as soon as I climb into bed off she goes, its such an amazing feeling and I forgot how wonderfully odd it feels. I can’t wait for hubby to start feeling them, they feel so strong to me it seems crazy they can’t be felt from the outside yet.

Cravings: Cravings seem to have died off a bit these last few weeks, I haven’t noticed anything particularly strong, apart from the crazy hunger I get in the middle of the night now. 12 o’clock bowls of muesli have become a bit of a habit.

Lusting after: Watched hubby devour a rare steak yesterday which was pretty much torture.

Sleep: Still a fight with the cushions every night to try to get comfy, as bump is getting bigger it’s pretty difficult finding an accommodating position to sleep in.

Mood: Feeling great! Past the halfway mark! Yey!! It’s gone so quick since I last posted an update. Things are crazy busy around here right now what with Christmas coming up. I’ve also been super busy at work, as well as getting ready for our trip to New York next week (SO excited for that!!) and getting prepared for the new arrival, it feels like there just isn’t enough time in the day.

Exercise: The downside of being so busy too is fitting workout sessions in, I’ve been keeping up with at least 3 but is definitely becoming more difficult just having the time to get out of the house on my own. Classes and gym sessions are still great though and not struggling with anything yet.

Birth Plan: Planning to have this little munchkin at home in a birthing pool, when we had our scan today as we left the nurse said this’ll be the last time we have to visit the hospital, which feels strange. But good I guess, the next time we see this little munchkin will be when he/she is here! I wish we could have more scans though, I love seeing baby moving around and all it’s tiny little features up there on the screen.

Highlight: The final scan was just incredible, Ava really enjoyed it this time. With baby being so much bigger she could see much more detail and loved the lady pointing out his/her little eyes, nose, belly etc. Obviously the best news was hearing she was doing great, everything normal and measuring fine all round. I can’t wait now to see her in person and start our journey as a four!


Will post another update soon 🙂

LOve x

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Toddler update

“And though she be but little, she is fierce”


This quote is little miss Ava to a T, she is such a dot but my word does she know her own mind. I’m often saying she is a little madam, she is. But she is a constant ball of cuteness overload, so it’s pretty hard to be mad at her for it. However, with the next one on the way and this pregnancy flying by we’re trying to make a conscious effort to curb some of her, shall we say, less admirable behaviour and trying to pave the way for some big changes once the new baby is here.

She has definitely gotten used to having Mummy’s constant and undivided attention over the last couple of years. I’m sure it’s going to be a challenge no matter what but I definitely want to avoid her feeling like she’s less important somehow when the new arrival comes. I can imagine it’s going to be difficult accepting it all at first but in general getting her excited about the baby and involving her in all our plans and changes we’re making seems to be really helping and for now she’s adorable about the little one, still kisses my belly, and now says it ‘absolutely must be a girl Mummy’ and currently wants to call her Penelope, which will no doubtably change next week.

The past couple of weeks I’ve just been trying to enjoy our ‘quiet’ days together just me and her and savour them as much as possible. It’s so hard to imagine another little being in the midst after so long just us, she’s been the centre of our universe for such a long time it feels strange to soon be adding another to the mix. I’m so excited for us as a family though, I cannot wait to be sharing all this with him/her.

Hubby often says he’s scared he won’t have enough ‘love’ to love another as much as Ava, but I know as soon as he/she arrives it will just be, and he’ll wonder how he ever thought that. Before Ava, we both had no idea we could possible love another this much, but they’re born and you just do.

IMG_4651These little Nike Air Max’s are a current fave!

This girl loves her scooter more than anything and is a mini speed queen on it, but recently we’ve been practising on her balance bike and (fingers crossed) she seems to be getting the hang of it pretty quick.



Snuggle buggle ❤


This girl rarely wears pink but she is obsessed with these Mini Melissa jelly cuties and Sunnies

LOve x

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Another bun in the oven – baby #2

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll probably know Adam and I announced we are expecting bambino number two in March next year. We’re both so so excited but it was rather unexpected. We decided to try after our wedding in June, obviously not quite expecting it to happen in the first month!


In all honesty hubby has been ready for number 2 for a while now, not that I wasn’t but I just felt we had enough to contend with with Ava, moving house and planning the wedding all of last year (not to mention fitting into my wedding dress!) So I was the one putting the brakes on a little. We always knew we wanted more than one and not too far apart in age to Ava, so with the wedding done and dusted, now is the perfect time.

I’m almost 14 weeks and have all my energy back finally, which feels great! I had some serious sickness up to about week 10 which was definitely much worse this time around. I remember getting some nausea with Ava but this was on a whole other level, morning till night day after day. I had zero energy to do anything which is a little inconvenient when you have a demanding 2 year old running around! I feel amazing now though and am getting so excited, it’s going especially fast too (again, probably due to being a busy bee with the little munchkin) which I love, I remember with the first it’s all so exciting but extremely slow and you have no idea what to expect. But this time I’m just going with it and it feels so much more relaxed. I’m a little anxious about having two and the huge change its going to bring, but we’re both so excited for this next chapter of our lives together (challenges included) and it somehow makes it even more special to be able to share the excitement with Ava this time.

We told little miss straight away, and to be honest its a miracle she didn’t blurt it out to anyone considering she’s such a chatterbox. But she’s so cute with it. She already kisses and strokes my tummy and her preference for whether she’d like a little brother or sister changes almost daily. The thing that doesn’t change though is that she’d like him/her to be called ‘Thomas’, something I’m hoping she’ll change her mind about, because she is rather demanding about it. I see tantrums coming for sure!

We did an announcement shoot this week so thought I’d share some of the pictures with you all. I’m planning on doing weekly pregnancy updates too for those interested.

Zoe Against Wall

Zoe and Ava Against Wall

Zoe and Ava Walking 2

Zoe and Ava Close Crop

Zoe and Ava Crouched

Zoe and Ava Walking Away

LOve x

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